Barros Luco
Place of originChile
Main ingredientsBread, beef, cheese
Ramón Barros Luco, after whom the sandwich is named

Barros Luco is a hot sandwich in Chile that includes beef and melted cheese[1] in one of several types of bread. The sandwich is named after Chilean president Ramón Barros Luco,[1] who served as President of Chile from 1910 to 1915. The sandwich was created in the restaurant of the National Congress of Chile,[2] where president Barros Luco always asked for this sandwich.[3] Other sources point to Confitería Torres as the place where the sandwich was created.[4]

The president's cousin, senator Barros Jarpa, asked instead for sandwiches with ham and cheese, as he found the beef hard to eat. These sandwiches became known as Barros Jarpa.[5]

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