Heart-shaped pizzette

A pizzetta (pl.: pizzette) is a small pizza[1] that can range in size from a finger food at around eight centimetres (3 in) in diameter[2][3] to that of a small personal-sized pizza.[4][5]


Pizzetta is typically prepared in the fashion of larger-sized pizza, using a dough, sauce, cheese and various toppings.[2][6] It is sometimes prepared without a sauce. Pizzetta can be prepared using flatbread as a bread base,[7] but puff pastry is also used. Additional herbs and greens can be added after pizzetta has been cooked.[4]


Pizzetta can be served as an hors d'oeuvre, a snack food and as a light meal.[5][8][9] It may be served accompanied with wine to complement the dish.[5][10]

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