Pizza bagel
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Pizza bagels with cheese
Place of originUnited States
Region or stateCleveland, Ohio
Main ingredientsBagel, tomato sauce, cheese
VariationsOther additional toppings

A pizza bagel is a bagel with pizza toppings, originating in the United States.


Anthony DeMauro invented the pizza bagel in 1959 at Amster's Bagel Bakery (now closed) in South Euclid, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. It was not until May 26, 1970, when Amster Pizza Bagel, Inc. submitted registration for Pizza Bagels to the US Copyright Office.[1] On October 1, 1970, Amster Pizza Bagel, Inc. registered for a product that contains 6 frozen pizza bagels in folding cartons with a net weight of 11 ounces (310 g).[2] Out of Cleveland's famous West Side Market, Frickaccio's sells their legendary pizza bagels. Theirs have been featured on the Food Network and were enjoyed by President Barack Obama during a lunchtime visit to West Side Market.

In 1974 at a Western Bagel in Woodland Hills, California, 17-year-old store clerk Bruce Treitman created what is now known as the pizza bagel: a flattened bagel with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.[3][4]

In early 2014, Katz Bagel Bakery in Chelsea, Massachusetts claimed that Harry Katz invented a variation of this pizza bagel in 1970.[5] Unlike traditional pizza bagels, Katz' version is similar to a miniature pizza. Katz uses bagel dough without the hole, topped with cheese and tomato sauce.[4][6]

Other uses

The term "pizza bagel" also means a person of Italian and Jewish descent.[7] This is most likely because pizza is a dish of Italian origin, and bagels are of Ashkenazi Jewish origin.

Commercial distribution

The Bagel Bites brand was inspired by the pizza bagel. Bagel Bites are a miniature, frozen version of the pizza bagel sold in commercial grocery stores.

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