Place of originMorocco
Region or stateNorth Africa
Created byAmazigh (Berbers)
Main ingredientsTomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, chili peppers

Matbucha (Arabic: مطبوخة;maṭbūkhah) is a North African[1] condiment or cooked salad consisting of cooked tomatoes and roasted bell peppers seasoned with garlic and chili pepper, and slow-cooked for a number of hours.[2] It is traditionally served in North Africa with a traditional Moroccan bread and as a condiment typically served as part of an appetizer, often as part of a salad course.

It may be used as a base for shakshouka.[2]


Matbucha is prepared by cooking tomatoes, bell peppers, chilis, and garlic over low heat for many hours until they cook down into a smooth, thick spread similar to jam in consistency.[2]

Commercial variants

Brands include Sabra, Osem, and others. In recent years matbucha has become available in the United States under the NY Shuk brand, among several others.[3][4]

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