Sicilian orange salad
A fennel and orange salad
Main ingredientsOranges, olive oil, salt, black pepper

The Sicilian orange salad (Italian: insalata di arance) is a typical salad dish of the Spanish and Sicilian cuisine, which uses oranges as its main ingredient. It is usually served at the beginning or at the end of a meal.[1]

In its most basic form the salad consists of thin, tart orange slices served with olive oil, salt and black pepper. The slightly tart taste of a salad, which is usually achieved by using a vinaigrette is instead provided by the orange slices themselves.[1]

Common variations mix the orange slices with a few additional ingredients such as sliced fennel bulbs, onions and black olives.[1] In such cases often a vinaigrette is added as well, which is made of olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper and various herbs, e.g. rosemary.[2]

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