Place of originIsrael
Region or stateTel Aviv
Main ingredientsLaminated dough, cheese, olives, nigella seeds, sesame seeds.
VariationsTzfat cheese, Feta cheese, Emek Cheese stuffing as well as tomato sauce

Ziva (Hebrew: זיוה) is an Israeli dish made of puff pastry topped with sesame seeds, and stuffed with cheese and olives. Ziva is served at home and in restaurants. Ziva is cooked in a style similar to the Yemenite Malawach but its ingredients more closely resemble börek, both of which are also common in Israel. Ziva is usually served alongside a hot sauce (skhug), eggs and Israeli salad.

Ziva is thought to have been invented by chef Neri Avneri at the Nargilla restaurant in 1989.[1] TasteAtlas listed it as the third lowest-rated Israeli snack. [2]

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