Chicken with hilopites.JPG
Chicken with hilopites
Alternative namesToutoumákia
Place of originGreece
Main ingredientsFlour, eggs, milk, and salt

Hilopites or hylopites (Greek: χυλοπίτες, [çiˈlopites]) are a traditional Greek pasta made from flour, eggs, milk, and salt. They take the form of small squares or, in some regions, long thin strips (usually called by different names) similar to Italian fettuccine.[1]

The pasta is traditionally made by rolling the dough out in to a thin sheet, dusting with flour, and slicing twice: first into thin fettuccine like strips, then again into small squares. While commercially produced hilopites are generally around 1 cm2 (0.16 in2) traditional homemade hilopites are often made much larger.

Other regional names for this pasta include τουτουμάκια (toutoumákia) in some regions of Peloponnisos and τουμάτσια (toumátsia) in Cyprus.[2]

Some common dishes made with hilopites are chicken noodle soups, baked chicken with red sauce, or simple boiled pasta dish with oil and cheese.

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