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Three pieces of galaktoboureko
Three pieces of galaktoboureko
Region or stateEastern Mediterranean, Balkans, Northeastern Turkey[1][2]
Main ingredientsPhyllo, semolina custard[3] or muhallebi
Similar dishesşöbiyet

Galaktoboureko (Greek: γαλακτομπούρεκο, Laz: Paponi, Turkish: Laz böreği, Albanian: Qumështor, Arabic: شعيبيات; Shaabiyat) is a dessert[1][2] of custard baked in filo.[4] Lazi Laz böreği is made with a type of pudding called muhallebi instead of semolina custard. It is popular throughout the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean including Greece, Turkey (especially around Rize where the Laz people live), and Albania.[1][2] In Albania it is traditionally prepared during the Orthodox Easter.[5]


It may be made in a pan, with filo layered on top and underneath and cut into square portions, or rolled into individual servings (often approximately 10 cm (4 in) long). It is served or coated with a clear, sweet syrup. The custard may be flavored with lemon, orange, or rose. Unlike mille-feuille, which it otherwise resembles, the custard is baked with the pastry,[6] not added afterwards.

Laz böreği

Laz böreği

Lazi paponi/Laz böreği is made with a variation of the pudding called muhallebi with the inclusion of cornmeal and ground black pepper, instead of semolina custard. It is popular in Rize and Artvin provinces in the Black Sea Region, indigenous Laz land.[1][2] Its ingredients are thin filo dough, butter, muhallebi, black pepper and simple syrup. Today, it's possible to eat Laz böreği at some restaurants in big cities which serve traditional dishes from the Black Sea region.[7]

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