Qatiq from Azerbaijan
Bulgarian qatiq

Qatiq is a fermented milk product from the Turkic countries. It is considered a more solid form of yogurt than ayran.[1]

In order to make qatiq, boiled milk is fermented for 6–10 hours in a warm place. Sometimes red beets or cherries are used for colouring. The product may be kept in a cool place for two or three days. If stored longer, it will turn sour; it may still be added to high-fat soups, though. The chalop soup is made from qatiq in Uzbekistan.

When sour milk is strained in a canvas bag, the resulting product is called suzma.[2] Dried suzma, or kurut, is often rolled into marble-size balls.[3]

In Bulgaria, катък (katăk) is a spread that has the consistency of mayonnaise.

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