Dahi machha
CourseSeafood curry
Place of originOdisha
Region or stateOdisha, India
Main ingredientsFish, dahi (yogurt), spices

Dahi machha is a traditional Odia delicacy made of fish in a spicy yogurt based sauce. It is eaten usually served with rice as an accompaniment. Dahi Machha Jhola is liberally seasoned with turmeric, onions, garlic, mustard and garam masala. The use of turmeric imparts a yellow colour to the sauce base. Before being served, chopped fresh cilantro may be sprinkled on top for added flavour as well as enhanced appearance.

The kinds of fish that typically used in Oriya households are ilish (called ilisi), rohu (called rohi), and catla (called bhakura). Apart from these, there are some very famous small sized fish that are normally favoured over others.


Fish, dahi, potatoes, mustard, turmeric, garlic, chilli peppers, other seasonings.

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