Region of originKyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
IngredientsQatiq or suzma, salt, carbonated water
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Chalap or shalap or chalob (Kyrgyz: чалап, pronounced [tʃɑlɑp]; Uzbek: chalob, pronounced [tʃɑlob]; Kazakh: шалап, romanized: shalap, pronounced [ɕɑlɑp]), also marketed as Tan (Kyrgyz: Тан, [tɑn]) by Enesay (Kyrgyz: Энесай), is a beverage common to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It consists of qatiq or suzma, salt, and in modern times, carbonated water. The Shoro beverage company markets chalap as "Chalap Shoro" (Kyrgyz: Чалап Шоро).

In Uzbekistan it is part of rural culture which originates from nomadic traditions. In Uzbek cuisine it includes vegetables, giving it the appearance of a cold soup.

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