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Sohan Asali
Sohan asali with cashew, an Iranian candy made with nuts and honey
Place of origin Iran
Region or stateIsfahan
Main ingredientshoney, sugar, saffron, almond or other nuts and oil

Sohan asali (Persian: سوهان عسلی, romanizedsohān-e asali; from asal "honey") is a kind of Iranian confectionery (sohan) originating in Esfahan, Iran.

It is made of honey, sugar, saffron, almond, pistachios and other nuts and cooking oil. It’s akin to a hard toffee, being brittle and breaking into shards. It varies from the more ubiquitous Sohan from the city of Qom (sohān-e-Qomi) as it uses no wheat and much less butter and/or oil. So it’s not as short and holds its structure whilst Qom Sohan can disintegrate into powder when pressed hard.

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