Balochi cuisine is the food and cuisine of the Baloch people from the Balochistan region, comprising the Pakistani Balochistan province, the Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iran and Balochistan, Afghanistan. Baloch food has a regional variance in contrast to the many cuisines of Pakistan[1][2] and Iran.

Sajji is a Balochi dish which usually consists of lamb or chicken, stuffed with rice, baked inside an oven and marinated in salt and spices.[3]

Sajji, a popular meat dish of Balochistan

Tabaheg (Balochi:تباهگ) is a traditional Balochi food in which the meat is salted and dried with sour pomegranate and salt. Tapaheg is cooked with rice. Tabaheg is one of the most famous foods of Balochistan region.[4][5]

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