Alternative namesKasaar[1]
Place of originIndian subcontinent
Main ingredientsWhole-wheat flour, sugar, ghee, dried fruits, herbal gums

Panjiri is a Ayurvedic[2] sweet dish from the Indian subcontinent[3][4][5][6] which is specially prepared for Krishna Janmashtami[7][8][9] festival. The sweet panjiri evolved from an Ayurvedic preparation called Panchajīraka.[2]


The term panjīrī is derived from Sanskrit word panchajīraka[10] which is an Ayurvedic preparation. The term panchajīraka is ultimately from Sanskrit elements panch (five) and jīraka (cumin or herbal ingredients here).[11] Panjiri is prepared by roasting wheat flour in ghee and adding dry fruits and spices like jeera (cumin), dhaniya (coriander), saunth (dry ginger powder), saunf (fennel) etc. Alternatively, the term panjeri is also used in Rajasthani dialects.[12]

Regions of use

Panjiri is consumed in Punjab,Pakistan, North Indian states of Jammu,[3][13] Himachal Pradesh,[14] Punjab,[15] Haryana,[16][17] Rajasthan, Gujarat,[18] Bihar, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Cultural uses

Panjiri is traditionally prepared in the entire Northern, Central and Western India, and is often prepared as a Prasad in Hindu prayers during Krishna Janamashtami[12][9] Satyanarayan Puja.[19][20] and Bhagavata Purana Katha.[21] The Braj region in Uttar Pradesh is specially known for its traditional Panjiri prepared during Krishna Janamashtami festival.[7] Apart from this, Panjiri is also prepared as an offering to Devtas on occasions like Shanti Puja, Havan, Trayodashi Vrats, Navratri Vrats, Dussehra, Janamdivas (birthdays) and other events in the Panchang, i.e. Hindu Lunisolar calendar.[8]


Phalahari dhaniya panjiri

This Panjiri is prepared using Dhaniya, i.e. coriander seeds and is specifically prepared for Vrat. The wheat flour panjiri is replaced with Dhaniya Panjiri because consuming grains is generally not allowed during fasting, hence this dish is prepared with the powder of coriander seeds, ghee, sugar, almonds and raisins.[22]

Pushtimargiya panjiri

This special variant of Panjiri is associated with Pushtimarg Sampradaya of Vaishnavism. Panjiri forms one of the 56 dishes of the Chhapan Bhog for Bhagwan Shrinathji, form of Bhagwan Krishna. This Panjiri is prepared as a Naivedhya for Shrinathji. The main ingredients used include : Variyali (fennel), Ajmo (carom), Dhanna (coriander), sunthi (dry ginger), pepper flakes and gari (dry coconut).[23]

Dogra sund panjiri

In Jammu region, a special variation of Panjiri is prepared for winter season & Janamashtami Vrat and is called Sund Panjiri. This varaition is prepared using lots of dry ginger powder (sund in Dogri) and is loaded with dry fruits native to hills of Jammu division.

Rajasthani gond panjiri

In Rajasthan, Panjiri or Panjeri is prepared using edible gum (also known as Gond locally). The mixture is used to prepare laddus out of it.[24]

Mathura's panchamrit panjiri

This particular variation of panjiri is prepared using atta (wheat flour) as a Prashad for Satyanarayan Puja. Tulasi leaves (holy basil leaves) are also added to the mixture. It is served along with Charnamrit (a yogurt based sweet drink) and is assocaited with Braj region.[21]

Phool makhana panjiri

It is prepared using phool makhanas (foxnuts) and is specially associated with Bihari cuisine.[25]

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