Alternative namesDammsugare, arraksrulle
Place of originSweden
Main ingredientsgreen marzipan, chocolate, cookies, butter, cacao, punsch liqueur[1]

Punsch-roll (Swedish: dammsugare) is a Swedish small cylindrical pastry covered with green marzipan with the ends dipped in chocolate, with an interior consisting of a mix of crushed biscuits, butter, and cocoa, flavoured with punsch liqueur.


This pastry is often called dammsugare ("vacuum cleaner"),[2] referring not only to its appearance, but also to the supposed practice of the pastry baker collecting crumbs from yesterday's cookies for filling.[3] Other names are arraksrulle (as arrak is an ingredient in punsch) and "150-ohmare" ('150-ohmer'; because a brown-green-brown colour sequence on a resistor denotes a resistance value of 150Ω.)


A similar pastry in Denmark is called træstamme ("tree trunk"). These however, are usually not colored green and no liquor is added to the cookie butter.

The Dutch variant is called a mergpijpje ("little marrowbone"). The mergpijpje is cream-colored instead of green, and comes in two variants. A small variant with cream filling, and a large variant, reuze mergpijp ("giant marrowbone"), filled with cake and a layer of cream. The reuze mergpijp is sometimes also filled with a thin layer of berry jam.

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