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Welcome to WikiProject Taiwan! This is a WikiProject open to anyone interested in editing, expanding and refining Wikipedia's coverage of articles concerning Taiwan (officially the Republic of China). Our scope may overlap with WikiProject Japan and WikiProject China in some areas, but will be separate most of the time. This WikiProject strives for neutrality on topics of a geopolitical and ethnic nature.

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Articles relating to the following topics: History of Taiwan, Culture of Taiwan, Taiwanese people, Republic of China Armed Forces, Geography of Taiwan, Sports in Taiwan, Energy in Taiwan, Politics of the Republic of China, Religion in Taiwan

This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to Taiwan, its cities, counties, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Taiwan in a fair and accurate manner.


  • To create a body of articles that accurately depicts the history and culture of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people.
  • Expand the number of articles regarding Taiwan and Taiwanese subjects.
  • Highlight the situation of post-1949 Taiwan without running into POV issues.
  • Add more English sources to existing Taiwan-related articles, using the <ref> element.



These are for discussion on proper usage of spelling for Chinese related pages.


The four departments are used to coordinate with other participants in improving articles.

  • Assessment: To assess the quality of articles in conjunction with the WP:1.0 program. Ratings are attributed to articles via the ((WPTAIWAN)) project banner.
  • Peer review: Request peer review to examine articles and obtain ideas for further improvement.
  • Photography: Request and supply photos needed in articles.
  • Translation: Request and assist in the translation of high-quality non-English material.

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As of 1 August 2023, there are over 24,079 articles and other project ressources within the scope of WikiProject Taiwan. For a more detailed overview see Taiwan article statistics in the sidebar.

432 edits Typhoon Doksuri (2023)
44 edits Syneilesis hayatae
20 edits Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Peru
14 edits The Settlers (2023 film)
14 edits Terry Gou
10 edits Taiwan People's Party
9 edits T-Beauty
9 edits Formosa Air Battle
9 edits Taiwan, China
9 edits Chinese language

These are the articles that have been edited the most within the last seven days. Last updated 31 July 2023 by HotArticlesBot.


  • To add a page to the project, please add one of the following templates to the top of the talk page of the article: ((WikiProject Taiwan)) or ((WPTAIWAN)).
  • To invite a user to participate in this project, add ((subst:WPTAIWAN-invite)) to their talk page.


There is now a barnstar which can be awarded to people in thanks for contributions to Taiwan-related articles. For details on how to use it, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Taiwan/Barnstar.

Taiwan Barnstar of Merit
Awarded to Some Contributor by A User for contributions to WikiProject Taiwan, specifically for great work in getting the articles on X, Y, and Z to Good Article status.

01 August 2023