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WikiProject directory – the Americas

This is a sub directory of WikiProjects that deal with the Americas. WikiProjects marked with a green background are currently active, while those with a gray background are not. Task forces of large projects are marked with a blue background. You can also use the Special:Search box below to locate WikiProjects and sub-pages.

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Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Americas no yes Americas


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Caribbean no yes Caribbean
Anguilla Caribbean
British Virgin Islands Caribbean
Caribbean Netherlands Caribbean
Cayman Islands Caribbean
Guadeloupe Caribbean Portal:France
Martinique Caribbean
Montserrat Caribbean
Saint Barthelemy Caribbean
Saint Martin Caribbean
Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
United States Virgin Islands Caribbean
Antigua and Barbuda yes yes yes Caribbean
Bahamas yes yes Caribbean
Barbados yes yes Caribbean
Belize (main listing here)
Commonwealth no
Cuba yes yes Cuba
Dominica no yes Caribbean
Dominican Republic yes yes Dominican Republic Portal:Caribbean
Grenada yes yes Caribbean
Guyana yes yes Caribbean
Haiti yes yes Haiti Portal:Caribbean
Jamaica yes yes Jamaica Portal:Caribbean
South American military history (main listing here)
Mesoamerica (main listing here)
Micronations (main listing here)
Puerto Rico yes yes yes United States Portal:Caribbean
Saint Kitts and Nevis no yes Caribbean
Saint Lucia yes yes Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines yes yes Caribbean
Suriname (main listing here)
Trinidad and Tobago yes yes Trinidad and Tobago Portal:Trinidad and Tobago

Central America[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Central America no yes Latin America
Latin America no Latin America
Mesoamerica yes yes Latin America Portal:Mexico
Belize yes yes Caribbean
Costa Rica yes yes Costa Rica
El Salvador no yes El Salvador
Guatemala yes yes Guatemala
Honduras yes yes
Nicaragua no yes Nicaragua
Panama no yes Panama
South American military history (main listing here)
South America (main listing here)

North America[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
North America yes North America
Bermuda yes yes North America
Canada (main listing here)
Greenland no yes Denmark
Indigenous peoples of North America yes yes North America
Mesoamerica (main listing here)
Mexico (main listing here)
France - Saint Pierre and Miquelon work group yes yes yes France
Football (soccer) in the USA and Canada (main listing here)
United States (main listing here)


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Canada yes yes Canada List of Canadian WikiProjects and portals
Alberta no yes
British Columbia (main listing here)

Canadian communities yes yes Canada
Canadian sport yes yes
Canadian Territories no yes
Commonwealth yes
Electoral districts in Canada no
Geography of Canada yes yes Geography of Canada
Governments of Canada no

Manitoba no yes
Military history - Canadian military history task force (main listing here)
New Brunswick no yes
Newfoundland and Labrador no
Nova Scotia yes
Ontario (main listing here)
Prince Edward Island no yes
Quebec (main listing here)
Saskatchewan (main listing here)

British Columbia[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
British Columbia no yes
Vancouver no yes yes yes


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Ontario no Ontario
Canada Roads - Golden Horseshoe (main listing here)
Ottawa no Ottawa
Prescott-Russell no Ontario
Toronto no


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Quebec no
Montreal no


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Saskatchewan no yes yes Canada
Canada Roads - Saskatchewan (main listing here)
Saskatchewan communities no yes yes Canada

Canadian culture[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Canadian Football League (main listing here)
Canadian law (main listing here)
Canadian music (main listing here)
Canada Roads (main listing here)
Canadian TV shows (main listing here)
Education in Canada (main listing here)
Football - USA and Canada task force (main listing here)


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Mexico yes yes Mexico
Aztec (main listing here)
Mesoamerica (main listing here)
Mexican-Americans (main listing here)

Baja California[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Tijuana no yes

United States[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
United States yes yes yes United States Portal:United States Coast Guard
Caribbean - United States Virgin Islands work group Caribbean
Micronesia - Guam work group Micronesia
Micronesia - Northern Mariana Islands work group Micronesia
Micronesia - Wake Island work group Micronesia
United States Territories yes United States
FBI no yes
U.S. Congress yes United States
U.S. counties no yes
United States Government yes yes United States
United States governors no
United States politicians no
United States Presidents yes United States
U.S. Public Policy no yes
U.S. state capitols no
U.S. states no
United States History no yes
Appalachia yes
U.S. Supreme Court cases yes yes United States
American Animation (main listing here)
American Samoa (main listing here)
Asian Americans (main listing here)
Comics - United States comics work group (main listing here)
Latinos (main listing here)
Mexican-Americans (main listing here)
Military history - American Civil War task force (main listing here)
Military history - American Revolutionary War task force (main listing here)
Military history - United States military history task force (main listing here)
National Register of Historic Places (main listing here)

United States sports[edit]
Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
ACC (main listing here)
American football (main listing here)
American Football League (main listing here)
American Open Wheel Racing (main listing here)
Arena Football League (main listing here)
Baseball (main listing here)
Baseball players (main listing here)
Basketball (main listing here)
Big Ten (main listing here)
Big 12 (main listing here)
College Basketball (main listing here)
College football (main listing here)
Football - USA and Canada task force (main listing here)
IROC (main listing here)
Little League (main listing here)
NASCAR (main listing here)
National Football League (main listing here)


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Alabama no yes Alabama
U.S. Roads/Alabama (main listing here)
Alaska no
Arizona no yes Arizona
Arkansas no yes yes Arkansas
California no yes California Portal:California Central Valley; Portal:San Francisco Bay Area
California Delta California
San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco Bay Area
Southern California
Los Angeles Greater Los Angeles
Santa Barbara County
Inland Empire
California Schools (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/California (main listing here)
California State University (main listing here)
University of California (main listing here)

Cal Poly Pomona (main listing here)
Los Angeles Rams (main listing here)
Disneyland (main listing here)
Colorado yes Colorado
U.S. Roads/Colorado (main listing here)
Connecticut yes yes Connecticut
U.S. Roads/Connecticut (main listing here)
Delaware no yes Delaware
U.S. Roads/Delarware (main listing here)
District of Columbia yes yes yes Washington, D.C.
National Football League - Washington Redskins (main listing here)
Washington Metro (main listing here)
Florida no yes Florida Portal:United States
U.S. Roads/Florida (main listing here)
Florida State University (main listing here)
Jacksonville no yes yes Florida
Miami no yes yes Florida
Tampa Bay no
University of Florida (main listing here)
Walt Disney World (main listing here)
Georgia (U.S. state) no yes Georgia (U.S. state)
Atlanta no
U.S. Roads/Georgia (main listing here)
Georgia Tech (main listing here)
Greater Albany/Savannah/Valdosta (South Georgia) no


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Hawaii no yes Hawaii
U.S. Roads/Hawaii (main listing here)
Polynesia (main listing here)
Idaho no Idaho
U.S. Roads/Idaho (main listing here)
Illinois no yes yes Illinois
U.S. Roads/Illinois (main listing here)
Chicago yes yes yes Chicago
Chicago Bears (main listing here)
Roots music - Chicago task force (main listing here)
Indiana no yes Indiana
U.S. Roads/Indiana (main listing here)
Indianapolis no yes Indianapolis
Indianapolis Colts no yes
Notre Dame (main listing here)
Iowa no yes Iowa
U.S. Roads/Iowa (main listing here)
Kansas yes
Kansas City no Covers both Kansas and Missouri
U.S. Roads/Kansas (main listing here)
Kentucky yes yes Kentucky
Eastern Mountain Coal Fields Kentucky Covers Eastern Kentucky
KYOVA Region no yes
U.S. Roads/Kentucky (main listing here)
Louisville yes yes
Louisiana no yes Louisiana
New Orleans no yes yes New Orleans
Shreveport no
U.S. Roads/Louisiana (main listing here)
Maine no yes
U.S. Roads/Maine (main listing here)
Maryland no yes Maryland
Maryland - Baltimore task force Maryland
U.S. Roads/Maryland (main listing here)
Massachusetts no Massachusetts
Massachusetts - Salem Witch Trial task force
Boston no yes
Cape Cod and the Islands no
Lowell, Massachusetts no
U.S. Roads/Massachusetts (main listing here)
National Football League - New England Patriots (main listing here)
Boston Celtics (main listing here)
Boston Red Sox (main listing here)

Michigan–New York[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Michigan yes yes Michigan
U.S. Roads/Michigan (main listing here)
Minnesota yes yes Minnesota
U.S. Roads/Minnesota (main listing here)
Minnesota Twins (main listing here)
National Football League - Minnesota Vikings (main listing here)
Mississippi no yes Mississippi
U.S. Roads/Mississippi (main listing here)
Missouri yes yes Missouri
Columbia, Missouri yes yes yes Columbia, Missouri
Kansas City no Covers Kansas and Missouri
St. Louis yes yes yes
U.S. Roads/Missouri (main listing here)
Mizzou (main listing here)
National Football League - Kansas City Chiefs (main listing here)
St. Louis Cardinals (main listing here)
Washington University in St. Louis (main listing here)
Montana yes yes Montana
U.S. Roads/Montana (main listing here)
Nebraska yes yes
U.S. Roads/Nebraska (main listing here)
Nevada yes yes
Las Vegas no Las Vegas
U.S. Roads/Nevada (main listing here)
New Hampshire no yes New Hampshire
New Hampshire Mountains no
Dartmouth College (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/New Hampshire (main listing here)
New Jersey yes yes New Jersey
Education task force
Ice Hockey - New Jersey Devils task force (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/New Jersey (main listing here)
Rutgers (main listing here)
New Mexico no yes New Mexico
U.S. Roads/New Mexico (main listing here)
New York State yes yes New York
Capital District no yes
Syracuse no

Hudson Valley no
Long Island no
Western New York no yes
New York City yes yes New York City
Cornell University (main listing here)
SUNY (main listing here)
National Football League - New York Giants (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/New York (main listing here)
New York Yankees (main listing here)
Columbia University (main listing here)
New York City Public Transportation (main listing here)
New York Theatre (main listing here)

North Carolina–Texas[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
North Carolina yes yes yes yes
Charlotte no
Durham, North Carolina no
East Carolina University (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/North Carolina (main listing here)
North Carolina State University (main listing here)
North Dakota no North Dakota
U.S. Roads/North Dakota (main listing here)
Ohio no yes yes Ohio Has a taskforce for Ohio townships
Cincinnati no yes Cincinnati
Cleveland no yes Cleveland, Ohio Serving the Wikipedian Greater Cleveland Area
Youngstown no
National Football League - Cleveland Browns (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Ohio (main listing here)
Ohio Wesleyan University (main listing here)
Cincinnati Reds (main listing here)
Oklahoma yes yes Oklahoma
Oklahoma - Tulsa task force Oklahoma
U.S. Roads/Oklahoma (main listing here)
University of Oklahoma (main listing here)
Oregon yes yes yes Oregon
U.S. Roads/Oregon (main listing here)
Pennsylvania no yes Pennsylvania Portal:Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Erie no yes Erie
Lehigh Valley no yes
Philadelphia yes yes Philadelphia
Pittsburgh no yes Pittsburgh
National Football League - Pittsburgh Steelers (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Pennsylvania (main listing here)
Pennsylvania State University (main listing here)
Rhode Island no yes
U.S. Roads/Rhode Island (main listing here)
South Carolina no South Carolina
Myrtle Beach no
U.S. Roads/South Carolina (main listing here)
South Dakota yes United States
Tennessee no yes Tennessee
Tennessee - Chattanooga task force
Middle Tennessee State University (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Tennessee (main listing here)
Texas no yes yes Texas
Austin no yes Austin
Dallas-Fort Worth yes yes yes Dallas-Fort Worth
Houston no yes yes Houston
Texas A&M (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Texas (main listing here)
University of North Texas (main listing here)
University of Texas at Austin (main listing here)
University of Houston (main listing here)


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Utah yes Utah
Brigham Young University (main listing here)
Latter Day Saint movement (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Utah (main listing here)
Vermont yes Vermont
U.S. Roads/Vermont (main listing here)
Virginia yes yes yes Virginia
Albemarle no yes yes
University of Virginia (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Virginia (main listing here)
West Virginia yes yes yes West Virginia
KYOVA Region (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/West Virginia (main listing here)
West Virginia University (main listing here)
Washington no
Eastern Washington task force
Seattle yes
U.S. Roads/Washington (main listing here)
Wisconsin yes yes Wisconsin
Green Bay Packers - National Football League (main listing here)
U.S. Roads/Wisconsin (main listing here)
Wyoming no yes
U.S. Roads/Wyoming (main listing here)

South America[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
South America yes yes
Falkland Islands work group
French Guiana work group
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands work group
Military history - South American military history task force (main listing here)
Argentina yes yes Argentina
Antarctica - Argentine Antarctica work group Antarctica
Argentine football task force (main listing here)
Films - Argentine cinema task force (main listing here)
Bolivia yes yes yes yes Bolivia
Brazil yes yes yes yes Brazil
Antarctica - Brazilian Antarctica work group Antarctica Portal:Brazil
Chile yes yes yes yes Chile
Antarctica - Antarctic Chilean Territory work group Antarctica Portal:Chile
Colombia yes yes Colombia
Colombian Departments no
Ecuador yes yes Ecuador
Ecuador - Galápagos Islands task force Ecuador
Guyana yes yes Guyana
Paraguay yes yes Paraguay
Peru yes yes yes Peru
Suriname yes yes Suriname
Uruguay yes yes Uruguay
Venezuela yes Venezuela