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WikiProject directory – language and literature

This is a sub directory of WikiProjects that deal with language and literature. WikiProjects marked with a green background are currently active, while those with a gray background are not. Task forces of large projects are marked with a blue background. You can also use the Special:Search box below to locate WikiProjects and sub-pages.

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Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Linguistics yes Linguistics
Applied Linguistics Task Force Linguistics
Etymology Task Force Linguistics
Philosophy of Language Task Force Linguistics
Phonetics Task Force Linguistics
Systemic Functional Linguistics Task Force Linguistics
Theoretical Linguistics Task Force Linguistics
Anthroponymy yes yes
Arabic names task force
Basque (main listing here)
Chinese surnames (main listing here)
Classical Tamil yes Language
Constructed languages no Constructed languages
Esperanto task force
Interlingue task force
Deaf yes yes
Dravidian languages no yes Language
Endangered languages no Language
English language no Language
Hebrew languages no Israel; Judaism
Hindustani and allied languages yes yes yes yes India
Indigenous languages of California no yes Language
Languages yes yes Language
NLP concepts and methods (main listing here)
Writing systems (main listing here)

Writing systems[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Ancient Germanic studies - Runes task force (main listing here)
Writing systems yes yes Writing
Writing systems - Transliteration task force


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Literature no yes yes Literature; Writing
Academic Journals yes Literature; University
Alternate History yes yes Speculative fiction
Animals in media (main listing here)
Australian literature yes yes yes yes Literature; Australia
Western Literature yes
Balzac no Biography; Literature; Theatre
Bible (main listing here)
Bibliographies yes yes Literature; Writing
Science task force formerly Wikipedia:WikiProject Science pearls
Biography (main listing here)
Blogging no Writing; Internet
Books yes yes Books
Children's literature (main listing here)
Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics (main listing here)
Wikipedia:WikiProject Critical Theory (main listing here)
Films based on books (main listing here)
Free book covers no Literature Dedicated to replacing fair use images of pre-1929 books with original or early versions in the public domain
Gilbert and Sullivan (main listing here)
Hadith (main listing here)
Horror (main listing here)
Indian literature yes yes yes yes Literature; India
Japanese Bibliography (main listing here)
Anime and manga yes yes yes Anime and Manga Project's scope includes manga, light novels, and visual novels from Japan
Mythology (main listing here)
Novels yes yes yes yes Literature; Books; Arts
Novels - 19th century task force Literature
Novels - Australian literature task force Literature; Australia
Novels - Chronicles of Narnia task force Narnia; Speculative fiction/Fantasy; Children's Literature
Novels - Crime task force Literature; Criminal justice
Novels - Fantasy task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy See also the broader Portal:Speculative fiction
Novels - His Dark Materials task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Novels - Lemony Snicket task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Novels - Rick Riordan task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy This task force, formerly the "Percy Jackson Task Force", was recently renamed to encompass a larger scope. It now covers pages related to Rick Riordan and John Rocco, excepting those related to The 39 Clues.
Novels - Science fiction task force Speculative fiction/Science fiction
Novels - Shannara task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy; Shannara
Novels - Short story task force Literature; Writing
Novels - Sword of Truth task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Novels - Twilight task force Speculative fiction/Fantasy; Horror fiction
Novels - Roald Dahl task force Biography; Literature; Children's Literature
Persian literature no yes Literature; Iran
Poetry (main listing here)
Science Fiction (main listing here)
Screenwriters no Writing; Film; Television
Shakespeare (main listing here)
Wikipedia yes yes Community portal; Writing


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Biography yes yes yes yes Biography
Arts and Entertainment Work Group Biography; Arts
Arts and Entertainment Work Group - Actors Biography; Arts; Film
Arts and Entertainment Work Group - Musicians Biography; Music; Arts
Arts and Entertainment Work Group – Writers and critics Biography; Literature; Writing See also Portal:Arts, and more specific ones like Portal:Charles Dickens, etc.
Living people Work Group Biography
Military Biography Work Group Biography; War; Geography
Politics and Government Work Group Biography; Politics; History Also relevant are Portal:Geography, Portal:Law, and more specific ones, e.g. Portal:CountryName.
Politics and Government - Canada Work Group Biography; Politics; Canada Also relevant is Portal:History.
Politics and Government - China Work Group Biography; Politics; People's Republic of China Also relevant are Portal:History, and more specific ones like Portal:Hong Kong, Portal:Republic of China, and Portal:Taiwan.
Royalty and Nobility Work Group Biography; History; Heraldry
Royalty and Nobility Work Group - British Isles Biography; History; Heraldry See also more specific portals: Portal:United Kingdom, Portal:England, Portal:Scotland, Portal:Wales; Portal:Ireland
Royalty and Nobility Work Group - Germany Biography; History; Germany Also relevant: Portal:Heraldry, and sometimes Portal:Ancient Germanic culture
Science and academia Work Group Biography; Science; University
Sports and games Work Group Biography; Sports
Actors and Filmmakers yes yes yes yes Biography; Academy Award; Film
Aviation (main listing here)
Aviation - Aerospace biography task force Biography
Baseball (main listing here)
Baseball players task force Baseball; Biography
British Royalty yes yes yes yes Biography; History; Heraldry
Comics (main listing here)
Comics creators work group Comics
Crime and Criminal Biography yes yes Criminal justice; Law
Serial Killer task force Criminal justice; Law; Psychology
English Numeral Royalty Redirect no Biography; History
Genealogy yes Biography; Genealogy; History
Hugo and Nebula Award Winners no Biography; Speculative fiction; Literature See also Portal:Speculative fiction/Science fiction, Portal:Speculative fiction/Fantasy, Portal:Writing
Islam (main listing here)
Islam - Muslim scholars task force
Japan (main listing here)
Japan - Gaijin tarento task force Japan
Japan - Royalty and nobility task force Biography; Japan; History
Leaders by year no Biography; Politics; History
Musicians yes yes yes yes Music; Biography; Arts See also more specific portals, e.g. Portal:AC/DC
Peerage and Baronetage yes yes yes yes Biography; History; Heraldry
Persondata yes Biography
Philosophy (main listing here)
Philosophy - Philosophers task force Philosophy; Biography
Royalty and Nobility yes yes yes yes Biography; History; Heraldry
Rugby union (main listing here)
Rugby union - Biography work group Rugby union; Biography
Saints yes yes Saints
U.S. Congress (main listing here)
U.S. governors (main listing here)
U. S. politicians (main listing here)
U.S. Presidents (main listing here)
Women artists yes Biography; Arts
Women in Green yes Biography; Feminism
Women's History yes Biography; Feminism; History
Women in Red yes Biography; Feminism
Women scientists yes Biography; Science; History of science
Women writers yes Biography; Writing; Literature

Children's literature[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Children's literature no yes Children's Literature See also Portal:Writing.
Children's Literature - CHERUB and Henderson's Boys task force
Artemis Fowl (main listing here)
Fablehaven (main listing here)
Harry Potter (main listing here)
Redwall (main listing here)
SpongeBob SquarePants (main listing here)
Thomas (main listing here)

Chinese literature[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Water Margin no Literature; People's Republic of China; Republic of China See also Portal:Writing, Portal:Taiwan, Portal:Hong Kong


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Horror (main listing here)


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Journalism yes yes Journalism; Writing; Current events Covers all aspects of journalism: occupation, citizen journalists, journalistic media, television, radio, Internet, and newsreels
Current events yes Current events
Academic Journals (main listing here)
Magazines no yes Journalism
Newspapers yes yes yes yes Journalism Covers newspapers and list of newspapers by country/state

Media franchises[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Media franchises yes yes Literature; Film; Television See also other portals, e.g. Portal:Video games, Portal:Comics, Portal:Anime and Manga, etc., depending on the context.
24 (main listing here)
Alien no yes Speculative fiction/Science fiction
Artemis Fowl no Speculative fiction; Children's Literature
Buffyverse (main listing here)
Comics (main listing here)
Comics - Superman Work Group Superhero fiction; Comics
Discworld no Discworld; Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Doctor Who (main listing here)
Dragonlance (main listing here)
EastEnders (main listing here)
Emmerdale (main listing here)
Firefly (main listing here)
Forgotten Realms (main listing here)
Halo (main listing here)
Harry Potter yes yes Harry Potter; Speculative fiction/Fantasy; Children's Literature
Highlander no Speculative fiction
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy no Speculative fiction
Indiana Jones no Speculative fiction
Inheritance Cycle no yes Speculative fiction/Fantasy; Children's Literature
James Bond yes yes James Bond
King Arthur yes yes King Arthur; Mythology; History Also relevant: Portal:Wales, Portal:United Kingdom.
Lego (main listing here)
Middle-earth yes yes Middle-earth; Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Silmarillion Middle-earth
Napoleonic Fiction no Literature
Oz no Oz; Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Redwall no Children's Literature; Speculative fiction/Fantasy
Sherlock Holmes yes Literature
A Song of Ice and Fire yes Speculative fiction/Fantasy
SpongeBob SquarePants (main listing here)
Star Trek (main listing here)
Star Wars yes yes yes Star Wars; Speculative fiction/Science fiction; Film Also relevant, depending on context: Portal:Television, Portal:Comics, Portal:Video games
Stargate no Stargate; Speculative fiction/Science fiction; Television Also relevant, depending on context: Portal:Film, Portal:Comics
Thomas yes Children's Literature; Television
View Askew no Comedy
Warriors no Children's Literature; Speculative fiction/Fantasy


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Poetry yes yes Poetry

Religious texts[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Religious texts no yes Religion; Literature Also within scope: Portal:Bible, Portal:Quran, Portal:Book of Mormon, etc.
Bible yes yes Bible
Bible - Biblical Criticism work group Bible Also relevant is Portal:History, Portal:Philosophy, Portal:Rhetoric.


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Romance yes yes Literature

Science Fiction[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Science Fiction no yes Speculative fiction/Science fiction See also the broader Portal:Speculative fiction
Hugo and Nebula Award Winners (main listing here)