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WikiProject Council

WikiProject directory – Wikipedia contents systems and maintenance

This is a sub directory of WikiProjects that deal with Wikipedia contents systems and maintenance. WikiProjects marked with a green background are currently active, while those with a gray background are not. Task forces of large projects are marked with a blue background. You can also use the Special:Search box below to locate WikiProjects and sub-pages.

New to WikiProjects? See FAQs about WikiProjects for the answers to the most common inquiries. The WikiProject guideline page outlines generally accepted protocols and conventions.

Adding to the list or changing entries! The directory is constructed using the ((Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Directory/WikiProject)) template; full instructions and a definition of "inactive WikiProject" are available here.

Contents systems[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Categories yes
Contents no
Glossaries yes
Help system yes
Indexes yes
Lists of topics no
Outlines yes Contents/Outlines
Portals yes yes Contents/Portals Rebooted in April 2018


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Abandoned Articles yes
Abandoned Drafts yes Improve Wikipedia's use of article drafts kept in retired users' subpages and the organization of information and articles on this topic.
Accessibility yes Works to make wikipedia more available to all, assists users, and protects disabled editors from undue community sanction.
Admin Nominators no Supports nominators in the Requests for Adminship process.
AI Cleanup yes Combats problematic use of AI generated content.
Alternative Views no
Arbitration Enforcement no Coordinates arbitration enforcement.
Articles for creation yes yes Reviews new articles submitted by unregistered users.
Awareness no
Barnstar Awarding Team no Awarding barnstars to users who deserve them
Bluelink patrol‎ yes Corrects and improves wikilinks
Check Wikipedia yes
Citation cleanup yes yes For cleaning up the massive backlogs with regards to wrong and inconsistent footnotes.
Citizendium Porting no Imports content from Citizendium Approved Articles into Wikipedia
Cleanup yes For posting cleanup requests and cleaning up articles
Closed proxies no
Community no
Connect the Dots no Now redirects to Wikipedia:Integrate
Cooperation no Facilitates collaboration with editors who are paid to edit Wikipedia
Copyright Cleanup no

Countering systemic bias no
Counter-Vandalism Unit yes
Database analysis no
Deletion no
Deletion sorting yes
Department of Fun no yes The Department of Fun is dedicated to providing the Wikipedian community, both young and old editors, with things to make them stay at Wikipedia, indirectly improving the encyclopedia.
Disambiguation yes Improve disambiguation pages and fix accidental links to disambiguation pages. There's even a friendly competition to see who can fix the most links each month.
Echo no Improve Wikipedia's coverage on other languages by finding featured articles in other languages. Superseded by WikiProject Intertranswiki.
Edit counters no
Esperanza no A group that works to build a sense of community and create a positive environment in which to build the encyclopedia (inactive).
Essays no
Expert Request Sorting no A project that works to categorise articles tagged as needing attention from experts
External links no
Featured Article Help Desk no
Fix common mistakes no
Flag Template yes
Flagged Revisions no Created on 18 August 2009
For the Record no Respond to press coverage of Wikipedia.
French Collaboration Project no
Galatea no
General Audience no
Geographical coordinates no
Grammar no
Guild of Copy Editors yes This project's purpose is to improve the English Wikipedia by working on the articles tagged for copy edit.
Help Project no This project aims to improve Wikipedia's help documentation.
Inclusion yes
Infoboxes yes Central location for infobox designers to collaborate and assist each other
Inline Templates no Consistency for templates in articles
Interlanguage Links no Improve Wikipedia's coverage on other languages through interwiki work.
Intertranswiki yes A project for identifying the missing articles from each language wikipedia in a directory and then working towards translating articles from other wikipedias into English. Includes translating new articles as well as improving existing articles by translation.
Introductions no
Keywords no
Kindness Campaign no The goals of this WikiProject are to promote Wikipedia:Civility and Wikipedia:WikiLove. It continues to be active as people sign up to The rolls of the kindness campaign.
Laundromat no
Lead section cleanup no
Lead Improvement Team yes Improves lead sections of articles
Lists yes development of anything related to lists, from guidelines to articles
Location Format no
WikiProject Manual of Style no A project to coordinate the Manual of Style pages.
WikiProject Merge yes A project to coordinate the process of merging articles.

Microformats no
Missing encyclopedic articles yes
Distributed indexing
Gardening for the Millions topics
Modular Articles no
Neutrality no Superseded by Wikipedia:Neutral point of view/Noticeboard
New page no
New pages patrol yes Reviews newly created pages listed at Special:Newpages
Music encyclopedia topics yes
Notability yes This project is to clear the backlog of CAT:NN (the notability category), which holds a backlog that is over 60,000 articles.
Notability essays yes
On Adminship no
OpenStreetMap no
Orphanage yes
Pedophilia Article Watch no
Persondata no
Policy and Guidelines no See WP:PROPOSAL for Wikipedia's procedural policy on the creation of new guidelines and policies. See how to contribute to Wikipedia guidance for recommendations regarding the creation and updating of policy and guideline pages.
Policy matters no
Portals yes yes Contents/Portals Project rebooted in April 2018.
Proposed deletion patrolling no
Punctuation no
Red Link Recovery no This project aims to reduce the number of unnecessary red links within Wikipedia articles.
Redirects yes This project is a collaboration of editors who are dedicated to improvement of the categorization and maintenance of redirects on the Wikipedia project.
Reference Desk Article Collaboration no
Reforming Wikipedia no The goal of this project is to advocate for reforms that will promote higher-quality content, as well as ensure more fair and efficient governance systems.
Release Version no
Reliability yes This project aims to improve the reliability of Wikipedia articles.
Requested articles no
Research yes
Resource Exchange yes A project where Wikipedians offer to search in their resources for the reference that you are looking for.
Scientific peer review no
Spam yes
Statistics Department no
Stub improvement no This project aims to expand stubs to improve Wikipedia's coverage.
Stub sorting yes As well as sorting stubs, this project attempts to standardise and coordinate the usage and uniformity of stub templates and categories across Wikipedia. "To do" list serves as the equivalent of a project collaboration
Succession Box Standardization no This project aims to standardise all succession boxes around Wikipedia (replacing the old-type boxes with newer ones) and include boxes in articles that need them but do not have any.
Sweep no Aims to comprehensively review every article created in Wikipedia's early days to ensure basic conformity to modern standards
Talk pages no
Template sharing no
Templates yes
Timeline Tracer no
Tip of the day yes This project provides useful advice daily on how to use or develop Wikipedia more effectively. It is responsible for maintaining the complete schedule of tips that are displayed by those templates. See also Wikipedia:tips, the complete library of tips arranged by subject.
Translation yes
Transwiki no A project for helping with the transwiki process outside of the Wikimedia family. This is done by explaining how to import and export articles, linking to help with MediaWiki software, prepping templates for use outside of Wikipedia, listing available resources (including editors willing to help), and much more.
Trivia Cleanup yes This WikiProject focuses on cleaning up trivia sections in articles.
Turnkey Project no
Typo Team yes This project coordinates spelling and typo corrections.
Unreferenced Articles yes Category based project to review and add references to articles (especially BLPs) that are unreferenced.
Unreferenced BLP Rescue yes Aims to eliminate unreferenced BLPs from Wikipedia by concentrating on one month's tagged articles at a time.
Update Watch no
Usability yes
User categorisation no
User Help no Inactive per this MFD
User Rehab no Seeks to rehabilitate problem editors who may have been banned, but who have great potential.
User Page Help yes Tips subpage from the User page design center
User scripts no Superseded by WikiProject Javascript
User warnings yes
Userboxes yes
Vandalism studies no Now redirects to Wikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit/Vandalism studies
Vital Articles yes yes yes yes Vital articles Works on all of Wikipedia's vital articles.
Wikidemia no This WikiProject organizes (mostly quantitative) academic research on Wikipedia and the other WMF projects.
WikiFun Police no Cleans up, organizes, and develops humorous aspects of Wikipedia.
Wikify no This wikiproject is dedicated to editing and fixing articles tagged with maintenance templates. Wikification refers mostly to style cleanup, including adding links and infoboxes, using wiki-markup over html code and adding sort keys.
Wikipedia no
Wikipedia Audit no
Wikipedia Awards no Wikipedia:Awards
Wikipedia Reform no
Wikipedians for encyclopedic merit no
Wiki Syntax no
WikiWorld no
Wikicite no now at m:Wikicite
WikipediaWeekly no
Wikipedians against censorship yes
WikiProject on open proxies yes
Work via Wikiprojects yes Part of the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team
Wikipedia-Books no This is to provide community support to Wikipedia:Books.


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Free book covers (main listing here)
Graphics Lab yes Improve and create images for Wiki
Illustration workshop
Map workshop
Photography workshop
Graphical content problem no
Images and Media no
Free images
Moving free images to Wikimedia Commons
Illustration Create and improve all types of images on Wikipedia.
Sound Project to add sound snippets to WP articles.
Wiki Makes Video yes Encourage creation of video content.
WikiTV no Realise creation of video content.
Maps yes
Open Street Map no
Media Restoration no
Photography yes
Photo Matching Service no
Screencast no Tutorials and assistance for producing screencasts
Spoken Wikipedia yes A project to produce recordings of Wikipedia articles being read aloud.
SVG no yes yes yes This project aims to improve the graphical quality of Wikipedia, specifically by creating SVG graphics.
Upload placeholder images yes System to request images in the article space infobox
Writing Captions yes yes yes yes yes

Article improvement and grading[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Article Rescue yes Improvement of content at XfD
Articles by single editor no yes Spotting needy articles
Articles for improvement yes yes Targets high-importance, low-quality articles. Collaborates on one page per week.
Collaboration of the week no
Constellation program no
Featured Article Collaboration Center no
Featured articles no
Former Featured articles no
Good articles no yes yes yes Articles found at Wikipedia:Good articles
Spotlight no
Unreferenced GA task force
Project Quality task force
Quality Article Improvement yes

Version 1.0 Editorial Team yes
Stub Improvement no Improvement of articles with stub templates.
Vital articles yes Improvement of WP:Vital articles

Classroom projects[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Classroom coordination no Coordinates with professional educators who assign students to edit Wikipedia articles.
AP Biology 2008 no
AP Biology 2009 no
AP Biology 2010 no
AP Biology 2011 no
AP Biology Bapst 2012 no
AP Biology Bapst 2013 no
AP Biology Bapst 2014 no
AP Biology Bapst 2015 no
AP Biology 2016 no
AP Biology 2017 no
AP Biology 2018 no
Murder Madness and Mayhem no
North of the Rio Grande no


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
WikiProject Council yes yes A group of Wikipedians gathered to encourage—and assist with—the development of active WikiProjects, and to act as a central point for inter-WikiProject discussion and collaboration.
WikiProject X no An initiative to improve WikiProjects and other subject-area collaborations on Wikipedia through research, design, and experimentation.
Wikiproject Beta Cluster yes The Beta Cluster is a project for Wikipedias running the beta MediaWiki Software
WikiProject Democracy yes An initiative to improve Wikipedia by improving its democratic structures and mechanisms.