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WikiProject directory – music

This is a sub directory of WikiProjects that deal with music. WikiProjects marked with a green background are currently active, while those with a gray background are not. Task forces of large projects are marked with a blue background. You can also use the Special:Search box below to locate WikiProjects and sub-pages.

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Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Music yes Music Guidelines: Manual of Style (music)
Music genres task force Music
Regional and national music taskforce Music
Music terminology no Music
Music theory yes yes Music
Theme songs no Music


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Composers yes yes Classical music
Gilbert and Sullivan (main listing here)
Richard Wagner no yes Opera


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Songs yes Music


Art music[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Classical music yes Classical music
Compositions Classical music
Contemporary music Classical music
Haydn and Mozart Classical music
Jazz yes yes Jazz
Opera (main listing here)

Popular music[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Alternative music yes yes yes yes Music
Black Metal no yes yes Music
Christian music yes yes Christianity; Music
Contemporary Christian music
Christian songs
Computer music no Music Mfd/keep/31 January 2011
Country Music yes yes yes Music
Electronic music no yes Music
Hip hop yes yes yes Music
Idol series (main listing here)
Industrial yes yes yes Music
Latin music yes yes Latin music
Regional Mexican music
Tropical music
Metal no yes yes yes
Musical Theatre (main listing here)
New Wave music no Mfd/no consensus/24 May 2011
Pop music yes yes Pop music
Post-hardcore no yes yes
My Chemical Romance task force
Progressive Rock yes yes yes Rock music
Punk music no yes yes
Rave no
R&B and Soul Music no yes Rhythm and blues
Reggae yes yes
Rock music no yes yes Rock music
Queens of the Stone Age task force

Traditional music[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Bagpipes yes
Drum Corps yes
Marching band yes yes Music
Roots music yes yes Music
British folk rock task force


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Musical Instruments yes yes Music
Guitarists - Equipment Task Force (main listing here)
PipeOrgan no Music
Percussion yes yes yes Music

National and regional[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Australian music yes yes Australia; Music
Canadian music no yes Canada; Music
Eurovision yes yes Music
Indian music yes India; Music
Irish music yes Ireland; Music
WP Awards - Grammy Awards TF yes

Popular musicians[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Musicians yes yes yes Music
Guitarists no yes yes Music
Guitar equipment Music
Buckethead Music

Bands and artists[edit]

Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
AC/DC yes
Adele no
Aerosmith no yes
Christina Aguilera no yes
Basshunter yes
The Beatles yes yes yes yes
Beyoncé yes
Björk no yes
Mariah Carey yes yes
Kelly Clarkson yes yes
The Clash no
Coldplay no
Crowded House no
Miley Cyrus yes yes
Bob Dylan yes yes
Eminem yes yes
Enya yes
Evanescence no yes yes
Selena Gomez no yes
Green Day no yes Mfd/Keep/1 June 2011
Guns N' Roses no Mfd/Keep/24 March 2011
Hello! Project no yes
Janet Jackson yes yes
Michael Jackson no yes
King Crimson yes
The Kinks no yes
The KLF no yes Mfd/keep/16 February 2011
Lady Gaga yes yes
Led Zeppelin no yes
Linkin Park no
Jennifer Lopez yes yes
Ricky Martin yes yes
Nicki Minaj no yes
Katy Perry yes yes
Madonna yes yes
Kylie Minogue yes yes
Motörhead no
Nine Inch Nails no yes Mfd/No consensus/20 March 2011
Nirvana no
Pink Floyd yes yes yes
Powderfinger no yes Mfd/Keep/12 April 2011
Elvis Presley no
Queen no yes Mfd/no consensus/31 March 2011
Red Hot Chili Peppers no yes Mfd/no consensus/4 March 2011
Rihanna no yes
The Rolling Stones no yes
Shakira yes yes
Frank Sinatra no
Slayer no yes
Slipknot no yes yes
The Smashing Pumpkins no
Britney Spears yes yes
Gwen Stefani yes yes
The Supremes yes yes
Taylor Swift yes yes
Justin Timberlake no yes
Tool no yes Mfd/Keep/4 March 2011
U2 no Join the Roll Call
Van Halen no yes Mfd/no consensus/4 March 2011
Rufus Wainwright no


Project Active Assessment Peer review Collaboration Portal Notes
Albums yes yes Music
Featured Albums Project Music
Discographies yes yes Music
Record Labels yes yes Companies
Record Production yes yes Record production