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WikiProject directory

This is the main directory of WikiProjects and related administration pages on English Wikipedia. Due to the high volume of WikiProjects (over 2,000), this directory has been split into several "sub-directories" based on the projects' scope. You can also use the Special:Search box below to locate WikiProjects and sub-pages.

New to WikiProjects? See FAQs about WikiProjects for the answers to the most common inquiries. The WikiProject guideline page outlines generally accepted protocols and conventions.

Adding to the listings or changing entries! The directories sub-pages listings are constructed using the ((Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Directory/WikiProject)) template; full instructions and a definition of "inactive WikiProject" are available here.

WikiProjects by topic

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 Culture and the arts


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 History and society

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 Science, technology and engineering


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 Wikipedia assistance and tasks

Administration pages

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 WikiProject Council


 Lists and reports

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