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WikiProject Musical Theatre

This WikiProject seeks to improve the quality of the articles pertaining to Musical theatre throughout Wikipedia. If you would like to participate in the project, please sign up below and see the to-do list. Also note the talk page.


  1. To promote interaction, cooperation, and communication among those interested in improving Wikipedia's coverage of musical theatre.
  2. To improve the quality of the articles on musical theatre to Featured Article status.
  3. To make Wikipedia the foremost compendium on the subject of musical theatre to be found on the Internet.

To-do – Open Tasks[edit]

Help out with one of the WikiProject Musical Theatre tasks below. You may add your name to the Participants list to the right.

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Mainly, these are articles on films and either their source or subsequent musicals. There are a couple where the musical needs to be "forked" from the source material. Feel free to add or remove as necessary. Important: If you split an article, please make sure that you move all the relevant links from the first article to the new one. To find which links to move, click on "What links here" at the old article and look through the list to see which links should be pointed to the film related link (for example, articles on actors in the film). Then, click on those links and update them to point to the film article. Thanks!


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