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Welcome to WikiProject Egypt

Welcome to WikiProject Egypt. We are a group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Egypt related articles, through collaboration and cooperation. If you would like to join us, please add your username to the members list.


WikiProject Egypt concerns coordination, creation, development, and organization of efforts on all articles related to Egypt or more specifically, Category:Egypt. However, this project will focus the majority of its energies on those articles which are not within the scope of WikiProject Ancient Egypt, (traditionally encompassing Prehistory through 31 BC), as long as this project remains active.

  1. Get this project organized.
  2. To serve as a central point of discussion for collaboration related to Egypt. Foster increased cooperation between editors in order to meet the other goals.
  3. To create the foremost reliable and accurate free-content encyclopedia of Egypt in the English language.
  4. Build all Top-importance Egypt articles to Good Article status, at a minimum (FA is preferred).
  5. Create guidelines for articles about Egypt.

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The following pages serve as tables of contents to Egypt-related content on Wikipedia. They need to be further developed, and maintained:

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