Alternative namesPigodi
Place of originRussia
Region or stateSakhalin, Primorsky Krai
Created bySakhalin Koreans
InventedEarly 1980s
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Korean name
Russian name

Pyanse (Russian: пянсе, Korean퍈세; RRpyanse) or pigodi (пигоди, SG pigodya пигодя, 피고댜) is a Sakhalin Korean steamed pie, bun, or dumpling stuffed with cabbage and meat.[1][2] It is a popular dish in the Russian Far East, as well as in Koryo-saram communities of Central Asia.[3][4]


The Russian word pigodi (пигоди, plural) derived from pigodya (пигодя, singular), is the Russian transcription of the Koryo-mar word begoja (베고자).[5]


Pyanse is said to have first made in Kholmsk, Russia by Sakhalin Koreans in the early 1980s, as an adaptation of Korean wang-mandu ("king dumpling").[1][2][6] It has been the most popular street food in Vladivostok since the early 1990s, and became popular in Moscow in the 2010s.[1]

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