Colomba pasquale
Alternative namesColomba di Pasqua
Place of originItaly
Region or stateMilan
Created byAngelo Motta
Main ingredientsFlour, eggs, sugar, butter, candied peel, pearl sugar, almonds

Colomba pasquale (Italian: [koˈlomba paˈskwaːle]) or colomba di Pasqua (Italian: [koˈlomba di ˈpaskwa]) (English: "Easter Dove") is an Italian traditional Easter bread, the Easter counterpart of the two well-known Italian Christmas desserts, panettone and pandoro.

The dough for the colomba is made in a similar manner to panettone, with flour, eggs, sugar, natural yeast and butter; unlike panettone, it usually contains candied peel and no raisins. The dough is then fashioned into a dove shape (colomba in Italian) and finally is topped with pearl sugar and almonds before being baked. Some manufacturers produce other versions including a popular bread topped with chocolate.[1] The colomba was commercialised by the Milanese baker and businessman Angelo Motta as an Easter version of the Christmas speciality panettone that Motta foods were producing.[2]

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