Sugee cake
Sugee cake at Food for Thought, Singapore - 20130615.jpg
A Sugee cake in Singapore
Place of originSingapore
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Created byEurasians
Main ingredientssemolina, butter, eggs, and brandy
Similar dishesSanwin makin, sooji halwa

Sugee cake is a cake made of semolina and almonds, creamed butter, eggs, and brandy, and optionally covered in marzipan and royal icing.[1][2] The cake is typically baked during festive occasions and holidays like Christmas,[3] by members of the Eurasian community in Singapore.[2] The word sugee has its origins in Hindustani word for 'semolina' (सूजी). Sugee cake is similar to the Sri Lankan Love cake baked during Christmas by the Eurasian Burgher people, which uses cashew as opposed to almonds.


In 2020, American restaurant chain Shake Shack adapted the flavor of the sugee cake in a limited edition milkshake, dubbed "sugee boogie", in its outlets in Singapore.[4]

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