Sugee cake
Sugee cake at Food for Thought, Singapore - 20130615.jpg
A Sugee cake in Singapore
Place of originMalaysia, Singapore
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Created byEurasians
Main ingredientssemolina, butter, eggs, and brandy
Similar dishesSanwin makin, sooji halwa

Sugee cake is a cake made of semolina and almonds, creamed butter, eggs, and brandy, and optionally covered in marzipan and royal icing.[1][2] The cake is typically baked during festive occasions and holidays like Christmas,[3] by members of the Eurasian community in Malaysia and Singapore.[2] The word sugee has its origins in Hindustani word for 'semolina' (सूजी).

In 2020, Shake Shack adapted the flavor of the sugee cake in a limited edition milkshake, dubbed "sugee boogie."[4]

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