Mee rebus
A typical mee rebus served in hawker centre
Alternative namesMie rebus, mie kuah
CourseMain course
Region or stateIndonesia, Malaysia, Singapore[1][2]
Main ingredientsNoodles (eggs), gravy (either dried shrimp based or fermented soybeans (tauchu) based)

Mee rebus, also known as mie rebus/mi rebus in Indonesian spelling, is a Maritime Southeast Asian noodle soup dish. Literally translated as "boiled noodles", it is popular in Maritime Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. In Indonesia it is also known as mie kuah, which literally means "noodle soup".[1]

Similar dishes

In certain areas, a similar variety of Mee rebus is called Mie Jawa, Mee Jawa, Mi Jawa, Bakmi Jawa or Bakmi Godhog,[3] although this is a popular misnomer, since Mie Jawa is slightly different from Mie Rebus. Despite sharing similar spices, Mie Jawa contains chicken instead of shrimp.[3] A dish similar to Mie Rebus in Indonesia is called Mie Celor, and it is popular in Palembang. Batam islands has a version called Mie Lendir.

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