Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateSouth Sulawesi
Main ingredientsWater buffalo and cow milk
Country of originIndonesia
RegionSouth Sulawesi
Source of milkWater buffalo and cow milk

Dangke is a type of cheese produced in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, especially in Enrekang, Baraka, Anggeraja, and Alla districts. Dangke is processed by boiling fresh buffalo milk with sliced papaya leaves, stems, or unripe papaya fruits. Dangke is typically soaked in a brine solution overnight before being wrapped with banana leaves for masking the bitter taste caused by the addition of papaya leaves.[1]

Dangke can be served directly as a high-protein side dish or processed into other food variations such as grilled dangke, stir-fried dangke, dangke crackers and others.

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