Alternative namesluganiga, luganica, lucanica
Place of originItaly
Region or stateNorthern Italy
Main ingredientspork
Variationswith cheese, sweet wine, broth

Luganega (also luganiga, luganica or lucanica) is an Italian fresh sausage made with pork; it is a traditional food from Lombardy, Veneto and northern Italy and is usually rolled up to appear like a snail.[1]

Luganega is part of the risotto alla monzese (Monza-style risotto), a variant of risotto alla milanese, can be used in barbecues or in rich stews together with mushrooms or potatoes.[2][3] As with many Italian sausages, the main difference between Luganega and an American style sausage is often that Italian style style Luganega have a deeper flavor through its rich fennel seasoning.

It has a few variations: in the richest one pork is united with Grana Padano, Marsala wine and broth.[4]


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