New World Pasta Corporation
Company typeCorporation
Founded(January 27, 1999; 25 years ago (1999-01-27))[1]
FateBrands sold to Barilla, TreeHouse Foods, and Post Holdings
Number of locations
Area served
North America
Key people
Bastiaan de Zeeuw (CEO)
ProductsPasta, Noodle
WebsiteOfficial Website at the Wayback Machine (archived 2016-12-19)

The New World Pasta Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods,[2] was a retail branded pasta manufacturer in North America.[3] New World Pasta headquarters was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The company was formed in 1999 when the Hershey Company's pasta business was divested to a private equity group. After its formation, New World Pasta acquired the four remaining brands of Borden's pasta business in July 2001 that the American Italian Pasta Company had not purchased a month earlier (Prince, Creamette, Catelli, and Lancia). New World Pasta declared bankruptcy in 2004.[4][5] In 2006 it was acquired by Ebro Puleva S.A., a food company based in Spain.[6][7]

As part of Ebro Puleva, New World Pasta acquired Strom Products in 2012, including the No Yolks and Wacky Mac brands.[8]

Effective January 1, 2017, American Rice, Inc., and New World Pasta Company merged into Riviana Foods Inc.[9]

On November 5, 2020, it was announced that the American Beauty, Creamette, Light 'n Fluffy, No Yolks, Prince, San Giorgio, Skinner, and Wacky Mac brands would be sold to TreeHouse Foods.[10] This was followed by the sale of the Catelli and Lancia brands to Barilla on February 1, 2021,[11] and the flagship Ronzoni brand to Post Holdings on March 30, 2021.[12]

Former brands

United States

Three dry pasta lines making spaghetti at the Ronzoni Macaroni Company factory in New York, circa 1960.

Sold to Post Holdings

Sold to TreeHouse Foods

Creamette Company historic headquarters in Minneapolis

Canada (sold to Barilla)

Catelli factory in the port of Montreal


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