Margi special
Place of originNigeria
Region or stateNortheast Nigeria
Created byNative to Margi people
Main ingredientsFish, Sorrel, spinach, onions, sometimes other vegetables, bean sprouts, tamarind-flavored broth

Margi Special (Marghi: Kifi Kubakuba) is a Nigerian cuisine indigenous to the Margi people of the northeastern region of Nigeria.[1][2] It is typically made with fish from Lake Chad, sorrel, spinach, tomatoes (and sometimes also other vegetables such as dọc mùng), and bean sprouts, in a tamarind-flavored broth. It is garnished with scented garlic as well as other herbs, according to the specific variety of the margi special recipe. It can be served alone or with pounded yam, tuwo, white rice etc.[3][4]

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