Pickled mustard and fish filet soup

Pickle soup is a style of soup prepared with various types of pickled vegetables. Dill pickle soup is a variety of pickle soup prepared with pickled cucumber.[1] Some versions use grated dill pickle in their preparation.[2] Some restaurants in the United States offer the dish to their patrons, such as Polish grocery stores and restaurants in Chicago's south side.[3]


Rassolnik is a sour soup in Russian cuisine prepared with primary ingredients of stock, dill pickle, veal or lamb kidneys, pearl barley and potato.[4] The key part of rassolnik is the pickle brine called rassol in Russian. Additional ingredients may include beef stock, carrot, leek, salt, pepper, and others.[4] It may be served garnished with sour cream.[4]

Zupa ogórkowa is a traditional Polish dill pickle soup prepared with Polish-style brine-cured pickles.[5][6] Some versions use standard dill pickles or kosher dill pickles rather than the specific Polish variety.[7] Primary ingredients include broth, pickles and potato.[7] The soup's flavor can vary depending on the type of broth that is used, such as vegetable broth or meat broth.[7] Pork bones may be used to prepare a meat-based broth.[5] Additional ingredients can include celery, carrot, garlic, cream, egg yolk, dill, salt and pepper.[7][6]

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