Cream of broccoli soup
A cream of broccoli soup prepared with purée de broccoli
Broccoli is a main ingredient in cream of broccoli soup.

Cream of broccoli soup is a soup prepared with broccoli, stock, and milk or cream as primary ingredients. Ingredient variations exist, as do vegan versions. It is also a commercially, mass-produced soup, often sold in cans. Several recipes use canned cream of broccoli soup as an ingredient,[1] such as its use with cooked chicken dishes and as a sauce.[2]

Ingredients and preparation methods

Primary ingredients are broccoli, stock and milk or cream.[3][4][5] The broccoli used may be chopped, sliced into small florets or puréed,[5][6][7][8] and some preparations combine both chopped and pureed broccoli.[8] Some versions may use frozen broccoli,[9] and the soup may be thickened using a roux.[10] Additional ingredients may include onion, celery, chicken broth, half and half,[4] egg yolk, herbs such as parsley, thyme and bay leaf, salt, pepper[3] and others. It is sometimes served garnished with croutons or broccoli florets.[3][5]

Mass production

Mass-produced commercial varieties of cream of broccoli soup are produced by various food manufacturers, such as the Campbell Soup Company, which debuted the soup in 1990.[1][2][11] The Campbell Soup Company devised it to be used as a soup and as an ingredient to be used in other dishes.[12] During the time of its debut in 1990, The Campbell Soup Company published a booklet of broccoli dishes that are prepared using their canned cream of broccoli soup, which was offered free to consumers through the provision of a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the company.[12] Some of the dishes in the booklet included "Easy broccoli bake" and "Two-step chicken broccoli divan".[12] After this soup's debut, the company devised and marketed additional cream of broccoli-style soups, such as broccoli cheese soup, chunky chicken broccoli cheese soup and cream of chicken and broccoli soup.[13]

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