Pumpkin-coconut custard
A slice of pumpkin-coconut custard
Place of originAyutthaya Kingdom[1]
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated cuisineThai, Cambodian and Laotian cuisine
Created byMaria Guyomar de Pinha[1]
Invented17th century[1]
Main ingredientsCoconut custard, pumpkin or kabocha
Food energy
(per serving)
1895 kcal (7934 kJ)
Nutritional value
(per serving)
Protein46 g
Fat112 g
Carbohydrate208 g

Pumpkin-coconut custard (Thai: สังขยาฟักทอง, sangkhaya fak thong, [sǎŋkʰajǎː fák tʰɔːŋ]; Khmer: សង់ខ្យាល្ពៅ, sankhya lapov; Lao: ສັງຂະຫຍາໝາກອຶ, sangkhaya maku) is a Southeast Asian dessert, consisting of a coconut custard steam-baked in a whole pumpkin or kabocha. It was created by Maria Guyomar de Pinha in Ayutthaya Kingdom in 17th century as an adaptation of a Portuguese egg-based dessert.[1]

In Thailand, it is a popular dessert that is often sold in fresh food markets and as street food.[2] In Cambodia, the pumpkin-coconut custard is also sold in markets and confectionery stores often by the slice. It is the centerpiece of Cambodian New Year tables.[3] In Laos, the dessert is a very common market food as well.[4]


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