Sago with coconut milk
Alternative names
  • Ono thagu
  • sakhu nam kathi
Place of originMyanmar (Burma), Thailand
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated cuisineBurmese and Thai cuisine
Main ingredients
Similar dishesChè, Mango pomelo sago

Sago with coconut milk (Burmese: အုန်းနို့သာကူ; Thai: สาคูน้ำกะทิ; RTGSsakhu nam kathi) is a Burmese and Thai dessert. The main components of this recipe are sago and coconut milk.[1][2] The dish can be decorated with many toppings; including taro, sweet potato, coconut, yellow corn, banana, and others.[3][4] It is similar to various forms of Vietnamese chè.

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