Our Lady of Maulawin
Nuestra Señora de Maulawin
Mahal na Birhen ng Maulawin
The original image of the Our Lady of Maulawin located in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Maulawin, Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines.
LocationSanta Cruz, Laguna, Philippines
Date4 June 1910
WitnessTomas de los Santos
TypeWooden statue
Approval4 June 1913, Canonically granted by Obispo Máximo Gregorio Aglipay
Venerated inAglipayan Church
ShrineCathedral of Our Lady of Maulawin, A. Mabini Street, Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines
PatronageSanta Cruz, Laguna
AttributesIcon of Virgin Mary and Child Jesus in Molave wood, Aureola with 24 stars made from diamonds and crown, sometimes with rose, and a moon with 2 stars in both ends and a sun underneath
Feast day4 June

Our Lady of Maulawin (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de Maulawin, Filipino: Mahal na Birhen ng Maulawin), also known as the Virgin of Maulawin (Filipino: Birhen ng Maulawin), is a title of Mary, mother of Jesus, a Marian image and icon venerated in the Philippine Independent Church, also known as the Aglipayan Church. The town of Santa Cruz in the province of Laguna considers her as its patroness.


On 4 June 1910, a resident of the town of Santa Cruz named Tomas de los Santos, also known as "Mang Tomeng", was cutting wood to make a foundation or pole for their house. The wood he took was from maulawin or molave. As he was sawing the wood, he was exposed to the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus on her hand, that seemed to be embedded in the wood. They still used the wood but set aside the part where the image of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus was depicted.[1]

After that discovery, several incidents occurred in his home that seemed to save his and his family's lives. First was when he was disturbed in his sleep because of a mysterious voice of a woman who warned him about their house which was to be razed on fire. Second was when they heard a voice saying that some robbers were going to barge in their home. Since then, the story of the miracles experienced by the family was spread throughout the neighboring towns and later, the image was called ''Nuestra Señora de Molave''.[2]

There are some accounts that say that a Catholic priest wanted to buy the image for Php 3,000.00 but the family rejected the offer. There are also accounts that say that some Aglipayans offered the family financial support to build a church in honor to the Our Lady of Maulawin and to Nuestro Señor Santo Sepulcro, known as "Lelong" in the town.[3]

Veneration and the Marian image

The Our Lady of Maulawin is the second original image owned by the native Filipino church next to the image of Our Lady of Balintawak and is very popular among the Aglipayan faithfuls in Santa Cruz, Laguna. Both icons are endemic and unique to the Philippine Independent Church and they have no counterpart with the Roman Catholic Marian images or icons. The image was venerated in the church and is enshrined in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Maulawin in Laguna. The feast day is celebrated every year on 4 June.

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