Party for Animal Welfare
LeaderCarol Johnson
FoundedDecember 2018
IdeologyAnimal welfare[1]
Anti-blood sport
Colours  Pink,   green and   white

The Party for Animal Welfare is a minor political party in Ireland, with a focus on animal welfare.[2][3]

Policies and activities

They advocate the banning of blood sports, puppy farms, factory farming, greyhound racing and other animal cruelties.[4] They have petitioned for the adding of animal welfare to the Irish primary school curriculum.

The Party for Animal Welfare held a protest in Dingle, County Kerry during February 2020 to oppose a proposed seal cull, which local fishermen had been calling for to increase fish stocks.[5] In conjunction with Compassion in World Farming Ireland, the party held protests against the export of live animals outside Leinster House and Rosslare Europort in 2019 and 2020.[6][7]


In the 2020 Irish general election, before the party had registered, PAW's deputy leader Ted Cronin ran as an independent on an animal welfare platform.[8][9] He received 391 (0.5%) first preference votes in the Kerry constituency,[10] being eliminated in the third count, coming second last.[8]


PAW is a member of the Animal Politics Foundation.[11] Although not an official member, the Animal Politics EU group has recognised the Party for Animal Welfare and members of the group have expressed support for them.[12][13]


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