A peg is a unit of volume, typically used to measure amounts of liquor in the Indian subcontinent. Informally, a peg is an undefined measure of any alcoholic drink poured in a glass.

The terms "large (badda) peg" and "small (chota) peg" are equal to 60 ml and 30 ml, respectively,[1] with "peg" alone simply referring to a 60 ml peg.[2] The "chota peg" was often used by the 1940s mythical British Indian Army figure "Colonel Chinstrap" in the UK Radio Serial "ITMA" ("It's That Man Again"[3][circular reference]) who was frequently having Chota Pegs of whisky (and sounded like it in his deliberately slurred speech).

In India, liquor's alcohol content is typically 42.8% ABV. A 30 ml of liquor usually contains 12.84 ml of pure alcohol,

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