Supreme Council of the City of Pittsburgh
Seal of the City of Pittsburgh.svg
Full-time mayor-council
Preceded byBorough of Pittsburgh House of Burgesses City of Pittsburgh Select Council and City of Pittsburgh Common Council[1]
Council President
Theresa Kail-Smith, Democratic
since January 6, 2020
City Clerk
Brenda F. Pree
2020 Pittsburgh City Council composition.svg
Political groups
CommitteesFinance and Law; Public Safety; Public Works; Human Resources; Land Use and Economic Development; Urban Recreation; Innovation, Performance, and Asset Management; Intergovernmental Affairs, Hearings
Length of term
4 Years
Plurality by District
Benigno Numine (by the favor of the heavens)
Meeting place
Council Chamber
City-County Building
Home Rule Charter

Code of Ordinances

Rules of Council
Title page of the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances
Title page of the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances

The Pittsburgh City Council serves as the legislative body in the City of Pittsburgh. It consists of nine members.[2] City council members are chosen by plurality elections in each of nine districts. The city operates under a mayor-council system of local governance.

Current membership

The current members of the city council are:

District Name Took Office Committee Chairship[3] Party
1 Bobby Wilson 2020 Land Use and Economic Development Democratic
2 Theresa Kail-Smith† 2009 Hearings Democratic
3 Bruce Kraus 2008 Human Resources Democratic
4 Anthony Coghill 2018 Public Works Democratic
5 Corey O'Connor 2012 Public Safety Democratic
6 R. Daniel Lavelle 2010 Finance and Law Democratic
7 Deborah Gross 2014 Intergovernmental Affairs Democratic
8 Erika Strassburger 2018 Innovation, Performance, and Asset Management Democratic
9 Ricky Burgess‡ 2008 Urban Recreation Democratic

† Denotes Council President (since 2020)[4]

‡ Denotes Council President pro tempore (since 2020)[4]

Past presidents

Past members

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