Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve

The protected areas of Nicaragua are areas that have natural beauty or significance and are protected by Nicaragua. Nicaragua has 78 protected areas that cover 22,422 km2, about 17.3% of the nations landmass. The National System of Protected Areas (SINAP) is administered by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA).


The Peninsula of Cosigüina Wildlife Refuge was established in 1958 and was the first protected area in Nicaragua. Two more protected areas were established in 1979 and there was a total of 25 by 1990. Prior to 1979, the Central Bank of Nicaragua was assigned responsibility for the two national parks and one natural reserve created during the Somoza regime.[1]

In March 1999, a new law established regulations for private reserves in Nicaragua. Private wildlife reserves are defined as private areas dedicated to conservation by their landowners and recognized by MARENA, on the basis of certain criteria and the potential for the conservations of biodiversity.[2]

List of protected areas

Vista of Tiscapa Lagoon and the capital city, Managua
Salto Eatanzuela (Estanzuela waterfall), located in the Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve in Estelí
The Somoto Canyon National Monument
A river along the Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge
Vista of the Apoyo Lagoon from the mirador of Catarina

This is a complete list of protected areas in Nicaragua:[3]

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