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This article lists political parties in Nicaragua.

Political culture

Historically, Nicaragua had a two-party system, with varying two dominant political parties. The 2006 general election could have marked the end of the bipartite scheme, as the anti-Sandinista forces split into two major political alliances: the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN) and the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC).[1]


Major parties

Three parties and alliances currently hold seats in the National Assembly:

Party Abbr. Ideology Founded Deputies PARLACEN
Sandinista National Liberation Front
Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional
FSLN Sandinismo 1961
75 / 92
15 / 20
Constitutionalist Liberal Party
Partido Liberal Constitucionalista
PLC Liberalism 1968
9 / 92
2 / 20
Independent Liberal Party
Partido Liberal Independiente
PLI Liberalism 1944
2 / 92
1 / 20
Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance
Alianza Liberal Nicaragüense
ALN Conservative liberalism 2005
1 / 92
1 / 20
Alliance for the Republic
Alianza por la República
APRE Liberal conservativism 2004
1 / 92
1 / 20
Nicaraguan Party of the Christian Path
Partido Camino Cristiano Nicaragüense
CCN Christian fundamentalism 1996
1 / 92
0 / 20
Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Aslatakanka
Hijos de la Madre Tierra
Sons of Mother Earth
YATAMA Indigenism 1990
1 / 92
0 / 20

Other parties

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a = active

Defunct parties or parties with no legal status

a = active

Regional Parties

a = active


Popular subscription associations

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