Qualia was a boutique brand of high-end electronics, created by Sony to showcase their best technology. Some Qualia products were newly designed while others were upgraded and rebranded versions of regular Sony products. The line was launched in Japan in June 2003 and the U.S. in April 2004. In 2005, Sony discontinued the Qualia series except in the United States. In early 2006, Sony discontinued the series in the US as well.


Function Unveiled RRP Model number Based on
Qualia 001 Video processor January 2005 US$5,080 Q001-CB01 -
Qualia 002 HDV camcorder April 2005 US$5,800 Q002-HDR1 HDR-FX1
Qualia 004 SXRD Video projector June 2003 US$25,000 Q004-R1 -
Qualia 005 46" LCD television August 2004 US$10,000 KDX46Q005 -
Qualia 006 70" SXRD rear-projection television September 2004 US$15,000 KDS-70Q006 KDS-70XBR100
Qualia 007 SACD player and amplifier June 2003 US$6,700 Q007-SCD -
Qualia 010 Headphones April 2004 US$2,400 Q010-MDR1
Qualia 015 36" CRT television June 2003 US$11,000 Q015-KX36
Qualia 016 Modular compact digital camera June 2003 US$4,000 Q016-WE1 ] -
Qualia 017 MiniDisc player June 2004 US$1,700 Q017-MD1 MZ-E10
- In-ear headphones June 2004 US$200 MDR-EXQ1 MDR-EX71