Samsung TV Plus
Type of businessSubsidiary
Type of site
OwnerSamsung Electronics
LaunchedAugust 23, 2015; 8 years ago (2015-08-23)

Samsung TV Plus is a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service owned by Samsung Electronics. Introduced in 2015, it was designed to provide live content for users with Samsung televisions without requiring subscriptions or external devices.[1] As of 2022, the service was available in 24 countries and is viewable within a multitude of Samsung products due to its integration with the Tizen operating system.[2] Samsung TV Plus was one of the five most-used apps on the company's smart TVs in September 2020.[3][4]


The service currently has over 200 live channels.[5] These are grouped into sections on the app including:


Samsung TV Plus has been pre-installed on all Samsung TVs since 2016.[6] Since April 2021, the service has also been available on Samsung mobile devices (available from the Galaxy Store) and Smart monitors. Select Family Hub refrigerators can also be connected to Samsung TV Plus in the U.S. and Korea.[7]

In January 2023, Samsung announced it was it was rolling out Samsung TV Plus onto non-Samsung TVs in the form of an installable app, specifically in an integration with TCL TVs.[8]


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