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Second Kohl cabinet (Kohl II)

15th Cabinet of the Federal Republic of Germany
Helmut Kohl
Date formed30 March 1983
Date dissolved12 March 1987
People and organisations
Head of stateKarl Carstens (until 30 June 1984)
Richard von Weizsäcker (from 30 June 1984)
Head of governmentHelmut Kohl
Member partyChristian Democratic Union
Christian Social Union
Free Democratic Party
Status in legislatureCoalition government led by CDU/CSU
Opposition partySocial Democratic Party
The Greens
Opposition leader
Election(s)1983 federal election
Legislature term(s)10th Bundestag
PredecessorKohl I
SuccessorKohl III

The second cabinet led by Helmut Kohl was sworn in on March 29, 1983 and laid down its function on March 11, 1987. The cabinet was formed after the 1983 elections. It was succeeded by the Cabinet Kohl III, which was formed following the 1987 elections.


The cabinet was composed of the following ministers:

Cabinet Kohl I: 30 March 1983 – 12 March 1987
Position Picture Name Party
Helmut Kohl CDU
Vice Chancellor &
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hans-Dietrich Genscher FDP
Minister of Defense
Manfred Wörner CDU
Minister of the Interior
Friedrich Zimmermann CSU
Minister of Finance
Gerhard Stoltenberg CDU
Minister of Justice
Hans A. Engelhard FDP
Minister of Economics
Otto Graf Lambsdorff
(until 24 June 1984)
Martin Bangemann
(from 24 June 1984)
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Norbert Blüm CDU
Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry
Ignaz Kiechle CSU
Minister of Transport
Werner Dollinger CSU
Minister of Construction
Oscar Schneider CSU
Minister of Youth, Family, and Health
Heiner Geissler
(until 26 September 1985)
Rita Süssmuth
(from 26 September 1985)
Minister of Research and Technology
Heinz Riesenhuber CDU
Minister of Education and Science
Dorothee Wilms CDU
Minister of Economic Cooperation
Jürgen Warnke CSU
Minister of Posts and Communications
Christian Schwarz-Schilling CDU
Minister of Intra-German Relations
Heinrich Windelen CDU
Minister of Special Affairs
(from 15 November 1984)
Wolfgang Schäuble CDU