Shota Nakajima
Shota Nakajima

Shota Nakajima is a Japanese-American chef and television personality, best known for competing on the eighteenth season of Top Chef in Portland, Oregon.

Early life and education

Nakajima was born in Japan and raised in Seattle, Washington.[1] At 18, he moved to Osaka to attend the Tsuji Culinary Arts School [ja], one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Japan.[2] There, he apprenticed with chef Yasuhiko Sakamoto.[3]


In 2014, Nakajima opened a catering business, Kappo Kitchen and later Naka, a kaiseki restaurant, in June 2015.[2] In February 2017, Naka Kaiseki was transformed as Adana.[2] In March of 2020, Nakajima opened his restaurant Taku, an Osakan kushikatsu concept, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.[4] While he was forced to close Adana and Taku during the COVID-19 pandemic, he reopened Taku in May of 2021 as a karaage restaurant.[5]

Nakajima has competed on Food Network's Iron Chef Gauntlet.[6]

Nakajima has been a James Beard Award semi-finalist for three years straight.[1] Nakajima is a 2018 Eater Young Guns winner.[3]

Nakajima beat Iron Chef Bobby Flay on Season 16 episode 4 of Beat Bobby Flay. Episode "Sprung a Leek" found the two chefs battling each other with Nakajima's signature dish, Tempura. [7] [8]

Nakajima was one of three finalists on Top Chef Season 18.[9] He was voted Fan Favorite of the show.[10]


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