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Superman: Peace on Earth
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateNovember 1998
Main character(s)Superman
Creative team
Written byPaul Dini and Alex Ross
Artist(s)Alex Ross
Collected editions
Trade PaperbackISBN 1563894645
The World's Greatest Super-Heroes HardcoverISBN 1401202543
The World's Greatest Super-Heroes PaperbackISBN 1401202551
The World's Greatest Super-Heroes AbsoluteISBN 140127370X

Superman: Peace on Earth is a treasury giant prestige format 64-page graphic novel published by DC Comics in November 1998. The Man of Steel in an oversized one-shot featuring a cardstock cover with a metallic fifth-color ink. As the holiday season approaches, Clark Kent reflects on the poverty suffered by so many throughout the world and decides to use his vast power to feed the starving and impoverished masses. As Superman sets out to accomplish the impossible, he encounters unexpected resistance to his humanitarian efforts.


After helping to start the Christmas season in Metropolis, Superman finds a starving young woman that leads him to look up the topic of world hunger. Wanting to help, Superman proposes to the United Nations to help to end world hunger through the gesture of spending a day delivering as much food as he can to settlements that need it anywhere on the planet, an idea met with significant controversy but ultimately given the go-ahead. With tankers filled with food, Superman flies to starving and impoverished locations all over the Earth, and is met with varying levels of gratitude, praise, fear and frenzy. Eventually, Superman arrives in a country whose militarized government warns against his help. In response to his persistence, they fire a chemical-weapon missile at where he is, with civilians below. He attempts to save the people by sending the cloud of poison into space, but the tanker is damaged and the food is poisoned. He stops his mission in the middle, incomplete. The international press reports it. He returns to Metropolis as Clark Kent. He remembers his adoptive father's teachings on farming and the old proverb Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime. He decides to be an example to others, sharing his knowledge to anyone in need and hopes to inspire the world.


Foreign versions

Due its universal story, social relevant content, fluid narrative and all-age subject, this standalone title was published, and even republished more than one time, in several countries on different versions and languages, being one of the few Superman comics to be printed in Asia, Europe and America.

Foreign Title Language Countries Publisher Release Date ISBN-10 ISBN-13 EAN-13 / ASIN Pages Dimensions List Price
Super-Homem: Paz na Terra[4] Portuguese Brazil Editora Abril May 1999 85-7305-752-1 64 10" x 13" ½ R$12,90
Superman: Pace in Terra[5] Italian Italy Play Press[6] June 1999 B00XC9T8PE 64 10" x 13" ½ L 20,000
Superman: Paix sur Terre[7] French Belgium Le Téméraire[8] September 1999 2843990602 978-2843990601 76 9" ¼ x 12" ½ 129 FF, 794 BF
Superman: Friede auf Erden (Softcover)[9] German Germany Carlsen Comics December 1999 3551744017 978-3551744012 64 8 ½" x 11" ½ DEM 19,90
Superman: Friede auf Erden (Hardcover)[10] German Germany Carlsen Comics December 1999 3551744025 978-3551744029 68 8 ¾" x 11" ¾ DEM 49,90
Superman: Paz en la Tierra[11] Spanish Mexico
Grupo Editorial Vid April 2000 7509982402688 MX 64 8" x 10" ½ MÉX $60.00
$7.00 PESOS
$3,400.00 PESOS
$1,100.00 PESETAS
Superman: Paz en la Tierra[12] Castellan Spain Norma Editorial June 2000 84-8431-173-2 9788484311737 64 29 x 22 cm $1,250.00 PESETAS
スーパーマン/ピース・オン・アース (DC Super Comic N.011)[13] Japanese Japan Shogakukan June 2000 4-7968-4105-9 978-4796841054 68 8 ¾" x 11" ¾ ¥ 1,333
Superman Hors-Série #1: Paix sur Terre[14] French France
Semic Comics September 2000 379873802900 FR 64 10 ½" x 7" 29,90 F
8,20 FS
210 FB
CAN $7,50
Superman: Paix sur Terre[15] French France Soleil Productions April 2001 2845651112 978-2845651111 76 9" ½ x 12" ¾ 99 FF
슈퍼맨: 땅 위에 평화를[16] Korean South Korea Sigongsa December 2009 8952757300 9788952757302 64 254*345*15 mm $10,000
Superman: Pace in Terra
DC Comics Story N.15 – Master 24 N.32[17]
Italian Italy RW Edizioni[18] – RW Lion January 2015 97711219449-40015 B015EJNLS4 192 €7,90
Superman: Paz en la Tierra[19] Spanish Chile Unlimited Comics[20] August 2015 978-956-355-192-1 72 CL $2490
Superman: Paz en la Tierra[21] Spanish Spain ECC Comics[22] June 2016 978-84-16746-75-0 72 €12,50


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