Tedori River
Tedori River in 2012
Tedori River is located in Japan
Tedori River
RegionIshikawa Prefecture
Physical characteristics
 • elevation2,702 m (8,865 ft)
MouthSea of Japan
 • coordinates
36°29′19″N 136°28′47″E / 36.4887°N 136.4796°E / 36.4887; 136.4796
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length72 km (45 mi)
Basin size809 km2 (312 sq mi)

The Tedori River (手取川, Tedorigawa) is a river in southern Ishikawa Prefecture in the Hokuriku region of Japan.[1] The river originates on Hakusan, the highest peak in the Hakusan National Park on the border between Ishikawa and Gifu Prefecture, and flows in a generally northern direction to the Sea of Japan. The river is used extensively for irrigation, and for the generation of hydroelectric power.[2] The Battle of Tedorigawa was fought on the banks of the river in 1577

Dams and hydroelectric power generation

River Name Height (m) Volume (m3) Type Generation (KW)
Tedori Tedorigawa Dam 153.0 231,000 Rockfill 250,000
Tedori Tedorigawa No.2 Dam 37.5 64,000 Concrete Gravity 87,000
Ozo Oguchi Dam 28.4 16,000 Concrete Gravity 17,600
Ozo Yoshinodani Dam 20.45 14,500 Concrete Gravity 13,300
Ozo Chugu Dam 16.64 2,740 Concrete Gravity 3,000
Dainichi Dainichigawa Dam 59.9 309,000 Concrete Gravity 9,000
Tedori Tedorigawa No.3 Dam 50.0 4,247 Concrete Gravity 30,000


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