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The Bat!
Developer(s)Ritlabs, SRL
Initial releaseMarch 1997; 24 years ago (1997-03)
Stable release9.3.4 (April 23, 2021; 47 days ago (2021-04-23)) [±]
Operating systemWindows
Size110 MB
TypeEmail client

The Bat! is an email client for the Microsoft Windows operating system, developed by Ritlabs, SRL, a company based in Chişinău, Moldova. There are two versions: a Home version and a Professional version. The Professional version includes a portable module, The Bat Voyager. [1]

On May 26, 2020, Stefan Tanurkov became the new CEO at Ritlabs and announced a new direction and the need for drastic changes, pointing to a future diversity of development directions. [2]


Reviews indicate that The Bat! has been regarded as an alternative email client for email users who seek a strong emphasis on security, as well as having many customization and filtering options, yet has also been criticized for its complexity and difficulty in learning.


Message Protocol

The Bat! supports POP3, IMAP, and Microsoft Exchange Server email.

Message Management

The Bat! provides virtual folders, advanced filtering, extensive search, a macro language, templates, tags, and color groups to assist in managing email.

Themes and Customization

In November 2020, with release of version 9.3 The Bat! introduced a number of themes to change its look and feel, also providing the ability for further color changes to the themes as provided. Toolbars and menus may also be modified, although doing that is difficult and not well documented.

Data security



System requirements

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and later versions. No minimum requirements for memory size or CPU speed. Runs on any Windows PC platform with at least 1024x768 screen resolution, and on Windows tablets.

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