The Simpsons
Season 35
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No. of episodes18
Original networkFox
Original releaseOctober 1, 2023 (2023-10-01) –
May 19, 2024 (2024-05-19)
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The thirty-fifth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons aired on Fox from October 1, 2023 to May 19, 2024.


On January 26, 2023, it was announced that The Simpsons had been renewed for Season 35 and Season 36.[1]


Fox promoted the series' 35th anniversary season with an extended trailer on September 11, 2023.[2]

Due to the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes, the season has only 18 episodes, making it the second shortest season of the series, after the first season.[3] The season contains seven holdover episodes from the season 34 (OABF) production line.

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U.S. viewers
7511"Homer's Crossing"Steven Dean MooreCesar MazariegosOctober 1, 2023 (2023-10-01)OABF183.58[4]
After Otto gets high on acid brownies, the students of Springfield Elementary are forced to walk to school under the supervision of the crossing guards alongside Homer, who accidentally ends up joining when a parent volunteer is needed. Things seem bleak at first, but when Homer saves Ralph Wiggum's life, the crossing guards become a town-renowned association that progressively eats up Springfield's funding. Homer also begins to think a bit too highly of himself.
7522"A Mid-Childhood Night's Dream"Matthew FaughnanCarolyn OmineOctober 8, 2023 (2023-10-08)OABF161.17[5]

Marge gets food poisoning following a meeting with Miss Peyton about Bart entering middle school soon. This leads to Marge having feverish nightmares about her children growing up too fast and leaving her as an empty nester while she simultaneously has to help with preparations for the school's Bounce-A-Thon event.

Guest star: Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Peyton and Grocery Store Announcer
7533"McMansion & Wife"Debbie Bruce MahanDan VebberOctober 22, 2023 (2023-10-22)OABF201.06[6]

Homer becomes suspicious of a new neighbor that wants to be his friend and happens to own a sports car dealership, fearing that he's being buttered up into buying an expensive new car. But when Homer lets his guard down, he discovers there was another motive related directly to the property next door itself. Meanwhile after Nelson ramps up his bullying to a new level, Lisa uses technology to counter him only for Nelson to enlist Hubert Wong's help to fight back.

Guest stars: Rosalie Chiang as Hubert Wong and Dick Van Dyke as himself

Note: This episode was dedicated in memory of Suzanne Somers.
7544"Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story"Timothy BaileyRob LaZebnikOctober 29, 2023 (2023-10-29)OABF211.12[7]

A mockumentary about the rise and fall of the company LifeBoat, the brainchild of a young college dropout CEO named Persephone Odair who charmed Mr. Burns into funding her questionable new venture that she claims can flawlessly desalinate ocean water into drinkable water at a fraction of the cost.

Guest stars: Christiane Amanpour as herself, Elizabeth Banks as Persephone Odair, Ken Burns as himself, Peter Coyote as himself, Peter Jackson as himself, Andrew Ross Sorkin as himself, and Kara Swisher as herself
7555"Treehouse of Horror XXXIV"Rob OliverJeff Westbrook & Jessica Conrad & Dan VebberNovember 5, 2023 (2023-11-05)OABF174.38[8]

The three stories for this Treehouse of Horror installment are:

  • "Wild Barts Can't Be Token": Bart is digitized into an NFT and Marge enters the digital realm to rescue him. Though she manages to rescue Bart, Homer digitizes himself to live the good life as a valuable NFT until the market crashes leaving him worthless and trapped.
  • "Ei8ht": In an alternate outcome of the episode "Cape Feare", Sideshow Bob has killed Bart and Lisa grows up to become an expert in true crime. Lisa is brought in to help the police when a series of murders of her first-born childhood friends occurs. She enlists Sideshow Bob's help, but is later revealed to have a split-personality that committed the murders to allow her to get close to Bob and kill him in revenge for what happened to Bart.
  • "Lout Break": Eating a radioactive doughnut causes Homer's burps to infect everyone with his DNA, turning them into versions of him. The children are immune, but fail to convince Homer to help find a cure....even when it infects Marge and the world.

Guest stars: Matthew Friend as Jimmy Fallon, Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob, and Kylie Jenner as herself

7566"Iron Marge"Matthew FaughnanMike ScullyNovember 12, 2023 (2023-11-12)OABF221.92[9]

When Marge is mocked by the neighborhood women because her kids have only ever given her home-made gifts, Bart and Lisa decide to try and get their mother a nice birthday present only to spend her birthday money on a spy kit instead. After hearing Marge confess to Ned Flanders that she feels her family thinks of her as an afterthought, a guilt-ridden Bart and Lisa seek to learn about their mother's past to make it up to her with various results. Meanwhile, Kirk Van Houten thanks Homer for saving him from an exposed live wire as Homer begins scouring Springfield for other dangers to warn everyone about, resulting in him fearmongering the whole town.

Guest star: Megan Mullally as Sarah Wiggum
7577"It's a Blunderful Life"Matthew NastukElisabeth Kiernan AverickNovember 19, 2023 (2023-11-19)OABF191.11[10]
In a flashback by a version of Lisa in sixty years into the future, Mr. Burns sets up a "Hawaiian Day" at the Springfield plant as a set-up to get all of his workers replaced, but Smithers accidentally sets it on fire when plugging in Burns' phone to an overused outlet. This causes Springfield to lose all of its power and Homer is blamed as he happened to take out the trash right before everything happens. The Simpsons end up being the new target of the town, even getting their house unwantedly relocated with Flanders getting his house relocated as he misses Homer. With Lisa's discovery, Mr. Burns is arrested and Mayor Quimby punishes him by fining him an amount that he can pay.
7588"Ae Bonny Romance"Matthew NastukMichael PriceDecember 3, 2023 (2023-12-03)35ABF023.16[11]

When Bart's attempt to avoid dancing with girls in gym class results in the school being wrecked, Principal Skinner doesn't believe that it was an accident instead of a prank and puts him in Groundskeeper Willie's shack for detention. But this only causes Bart and Willie to bond over a mutual feeling that women have caused them both misery. When Willie goes missing and seems to have been kidnapped back to Scotland, Bart drags the whole family with him to save his new friend. Meanwhile, Homer tries his best to convince Marge that destination weddings are a bad thing.

Guest stars: Karen Gillan as Maisie MacWeldon, Paul Higgins as Hamish MacWeldon and "Ticket Booth" Actor, David Tennant as Pa MacWeldon, and Belle & Sebastian as themselves and performing "Willie and the Dream of Peat Bogs"

Note: During the second airing of this episode, it was dedicated in memory of Richard Lewis who passed away on February 27, 2024.
7599"Murder, She Boat"Chris ClementsBroti GuptaDecember 17, 2023 (2023-12-17)35ABF042.08[12]

At Lisa's behest the Simpson family all board a pop culture-themed cruise ship which Taika Waititi is on. It is here where Comic Book Guy reveals his latest pride and joy: a rare Radioactive Man action figure accidentally manufactured with Wolverine claws. But when the valuable figure is beheaded mere moments after its unveiling, Bart becomes the primary suspect because of a recent altercation he had with Comic Book Guy, and Lisa finds herself playing detective to find out the truth.

Guest stars: Maurice LaMarche as Hedonismbot Cosplayer and Taika Waititi as himself

Note: This episode is dedicated in memory of Norman Lear who passed away on December 5, 2023.
76010"Do the Wrong Thing"Rob OliverJoel H. CohenDecember 24, 2023 (2023-12-24)35ABF015.41[13]

Homer and Bart bond when they both become pro-cheaters at blue-collar sporting events, making Marge suspicious when Homer keeps winning competitions for things he's never done before. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to get into the University of Springfield's Summer Camp program.

Guest stars: Ken Marino as Dean Belichick and Dan Patrick as Rock-Skipping Announcer
76111"Frinkenstein's Monster"Steven Dean MooreJoel H. CohenFebruary 18, 2024 (2024-02-18)35ABF030.76[14]

When Homer laments his stagnation at the nuclear plant, an empathetic Professor Frink decides to help Homer out. After getting Homer a job at a new nuclear plant in Shelbybille by giving Homer all the right answers during an online interview, Frink reluctantly agrees to keep up Homer's charade at the job itself via an earpiece. But Homer's new assistant and fellow applicant for the role grows suspect of her new boss' abilities and seeks revenge, while Frink soon realizes his own empathy led him to put Homer in a role he didn't deserve.

Guest star: Amanda Seyfried as Dr. Lori Spivak
76212"Lisa Gets an F1"Timothy BaileyRyan KohFebruary 25, 2024 (2024-02-25)35ABF050.87[15]

When Homer's reckless driving gives Lisa anxiety, her therapist Annette suggests that Lisa try driving a go-kart to make herself feel in control whilst in a vehicle. But when Lisa likes it so much that she takes up kart racing, Homer suddenly becomes anxious about his daughter's safety. Meanwhile, Bart befriends Lisa's rich young Italian rival Paolo for money and fame.

Guest stars: Matt Berry as Chester Arborday and Rachel Bloom as Annette
76313"Clan of the Cave Mom"Rob OliverBrian KelleyMarch 24, 2024 (2024-03-24)35ABF060.69[16]

Marge attends a 4D movie about the Stone Age with the kids of Springfield Elementary, whereby Bart gets Milhouse in trouble. When Milhouse gets tickets for a Violencia Gigante concert, LuAnn forbids Bart from going with him after what happened. This results in a war between Marge and LuAnn over their respective sons with Marge becoming influenced by the 4D movie she'd seen to imagine a hypothetical cavepeople-inspired version of her family to fuel her anger even when she envisions her cavewoman counterpart rescuing her kids from a dire wolf.

Guest stars: Cesar Mazariegos as Violencia Gigante singer and Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Payton
76414"Night of the Living Wage"Chris ClementsCesar MazariegosApril 7, 2024 (2024-04-07)35ABF070.83[17]

Marge takes a job as a chef at a GimmeChow ghost kitchen to pay off a veterinary bill for a chicken that Snowball II injured. She soon discovers that her coworkers are overworked and underpaid while GimmeChow CEO Finn Bon Idée becomes a billionaire. To make matters worse, Homer and the kids have been ordering GimmeChow in her absence instead of cooking. Sick of the unfairness, Marge convinces her co-workers to form a union to fight the corporate system as they start to go on strike.

Guest star: Jason Mantzoukas as Finn Bon Idée
76515"Cremains of the Day"Gabriel DeFrancescoJohn FrinkApril 21, 2024 (2024-04-21)35ABF090.97[18]

When Larry the barfly suddenly dies at Moe's Tavern, Homer, Moe, Lenny, and Carl all attend his funeral and realize that they really did not know Larry well at all despite spending so much time with him. To make up for it, the group decide to take scatter Larry's ashes at a special place Larry had pictured in a scrapbook.

Guest star: Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony
76616"The Tell-Tale Pants"Steven Dean MooreAl JeanMay 5, 2024 (2024-05-05)35ABF100.85[19]

Feeling underappreciated by her family and annoyed at Homer, Marge discovers that Homer has a rare pair of blue pants she can sell for thousands of dollars. When she does she decides to keep it to herself and spends the money on an expensive ring, but later starts feeling guilty about it. Meanwhile, Homer finds himself in good fortune wearing sweatpants instead.

Guest star: Kipp Lennon as Elton John
76717"The Tipping Point"Matthew NastukJ. Stewart BurnsMay 12, 2024 (2024-05-12)35ABF110.72[20]

Homer mistakenly tips a waitress $10,000, making his unintended generosity go viral online and he becomes the most popular man in town. Despite Marge's warning that they cannot afford it, Homer becomes obsessed with tipping which leads him to run away when he realizes he cannot stop.

Guest stars: Kyle Gordon as DJ Crazy Times, Chrissi Poland as Ms. Biljana Electronica, and Audrey Trullinger as Inga
76818"Bart's Brain"Mike Frank PolcinoDan VebberMay 19, 2024 (2024-05-19)35ABF120.62[21]

Bart sells some of Grampa's old army paraphernalia to Herman in exchange for a human brain in a jar. Initially using it for pranks, Bart soon becomes attached to the brain and sees it as his new best friend enough to disturb all of those around him and shaming his family.

Guest stars: Megan Mullally as Sarah Wiggum and Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Payton


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