Coat of arms of Trenggalek ꦠꦿꦼꦁꦒꦭꦺꦏ꧀
Jwalita Praja Karana
(Brilliant because of the people)
Trenggalek ꦠꦿꦼꦁꦒꦭꦺꦏ꧀ is located in Indonesia
Trenggalek ꦠꦿꦼꦁꦒꦭꦺꦏ꧀
Location of Trenggalek in Indonesia
Coordinates: 8°03′S 111°43′E / 8.050°S 111.717°E / -8.050; 111.717
Country Indonesia
ProvinceEast Java
 • RegentM. Nur Arifin[1]
 • Total1,261.40 km2 (487.03 sq mi)
110 m (360 ft)
Highest elevation
2,563 m (8,409 ft)
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 (mid 2023 estimate)[3]
 • Total756,109
 • Density600/km2 (1,600/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7

Trenggalek Regency (Indonesian: Kabupaten Trenggalek; Javanese: ꦏꦧꦸꦥꦠꦺꦤ꧀ꦠꦿꦼꦁꦒꦭꦺꦏ꧀) is a regency (kabupaten) in East Java, Indonesia.

This regency has an area of 1,261.40 km2 and had a population of 674,411 residents at the 2010 Census[4] and 731,125 at the 2020 Census;[5] the official estimate as of mid-2023 was 756,109.[3] It is located on the southern shore of East Java and is surrounded by three regencies: Ponorogo Regency to the northwest; Pacitan Regency to the southwest; and Tulungagung Regency to the east. The administrative centre is located in the district (kecamatan) of Trenggalek.


Trenggalek is a regency that is located on the southern shore of Java island and has the following geographical boundaries:

Administrative districts

The Regency is divided into fourteen districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and their population totals from the 2010 Census[4] and the 2020 Census,[5] together with the official estimates as of mid-2023.[3] The table also includes the locations of the district headquarters, the number of administrative villages in each district (totaling 152 rural desa and 5 urban kelurahan - the latter all in Trenggalek (town) District), and its postal codes.

Name of
mid 2023
35.03.01 Panggul (a) 131.56 69,325 78,344 81,492 Wonocoyo 17 66364
35.03.02 Munjungan (b) 154.80 46,916 52,908 54,498 Munjungan 11 66365
35.03.08 Watulimo (c) 154.44 62,625 70,002 72,855 Prigi 12 66382
35.03.07 Kampak 79.00 35,743 37,201 38,453 Bendoagung 7 66373
35.03.04 Dongko 141.20 59,248 65,505 68,272 Dongko 10 66363
35.03.03 Pule 118.12 50,908 55,822 57,843 Pule 10 66362
35.03.06 Karangan 50.92 45,432 49,930 50,853 Karangan 12 66361
35.03.14 Suruh 50.72 24,546 26,028 26,795 Suruh 7 66360
35.03.10 Gandusari 54.96 49,082 52,560 54,167 Gandusari 11 66372
35.03.13 Durenan 57.16 48,985 51,320 51,917 Kendalrejo 14 66381
35.03.12 Pogalan 41.80 47,951 52,234 53,737 Ngadirenggo 10 66371
35.03.11 Trenggalek
61.16 62,606 64,306 66,887 Ngantru 15 (d) 66311
- 66319
35.03.05 Tugu 74.72 45,764 47,829 49,749 Gondang 15 66352 (e)
35.03.09 Bendungan 90.84 25,280 27,136 28,591 Dompyong 8 66351
Totals 1,261,40 674,411 731,125 756,109 157

Notes: (a) including 11 small offshore islands. (b) including 23 small offshore islands. (c) including 23 small offshore islands.
(d) comprising 5 urban kelurahan (Kelutan, Ngantru, Sumbergedong, Surodakan and Tamanan) and 10 desa.
(e) except for the village of Banaran, which has a post code of 66318.


A typical paddy field in Trenggalek, Indonesia

Agricultural produce in the area includes rice, corn, cassava, soya beans,and legumes.[citation needed] Plantations produce sugar cane, cloves, durians, salak, mangosteens, and rambutans. Industrial outputs include soy sauce, syrup, tapioca, anchovies, batik, snacks, cigarettes, sawmill, building materials, roofs, and tofu.[citation needed]

Tourism and cultural sights

Trenggalek has several tourist sites, including beaches (Pantai), caves, and mountain ranges.[6][7]

Pantai Prigi, Trenggalek, Indonesia
  1. Gua Lowo is a cave with examples of stalactites and stalagmites. Based on a cave expert, Mr. Gilbert Manthovani and Dr. Robert K. Kho in 1984, it was declared that Guo Lowo is the biggest natural cave in Southeast Asia with approximately 800  meters of length, nine main rooms, and some small rooms. Guo Lowo means "bat cave", owing to the many bats living here when it was first discovered.[8]
  2. Pantai Prigi. This beach is known for its rock formations.[citation needed] There is also a fish market and a harbor.[9]
  3. Pantai Pasir Putih. Means "white sand beach" and is located adjacent to the Prigi beach.
  4. Pantai Pelang. This beach has a waterfall and some tiny islands.[citation needed]
  5. Larung Sembonyo. This traditional ceremony is held annually.
  6. Pemandian Tapan. This bathing place is located in Karangan and the natural water source comes directly from the mountain ranges.[citation needed]
  7. Upacara Dam Bagong. The bull's head is swept away in Kali Bagong (Bagong river) in this annually-held ceremony.
  8. Candi Brongkah. It is a temple that tells the history of Trenggalek.[citation needed]
  9. Alun-alun Kota. It is the central park in the middle of the city. It also has a playground and snack vendors nearby.[citation needed]
  10. Tri Turonggo Yakso. It is a typical traditional dance of Trenggalek. The dance belongs to the traditional dance called "jaranan" which also founded another region. Turonggo Yakso symbolizes the victory of villages in driving away from the devil.[citation needed]


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